Republican Electoral College Candidates in Nevada Officially Contest Election

"Map of the United States Electoral College" by US Embassy Canada is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Citing irregularities, impropriety, and fraud, the electoral college candidates pledged to President Trump have filed an election contest on November 17th.

“The election contest, filed in the First Judicial District Court in Carson City, seeks to have Trump declared as the winner in Nevada by challenging at least 40,000 votes cast in the presidential election, more than the unofficial margin between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.” The Epoch Times reported.

“We believe the discrepancies discovered in the days following Nevada’s election and invited by the Democrat’s last-minute changes to the law monumentally influenced this presidential election to benefit Joe Biden, and as a result, these irregularities have deprived Nevadans of their right to a free and fair election,” Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser to the Trump campaign, said in a statement.

“These malicious actions, which have impacted more than 40,000 ballots, cannot be overlooked, and President Trump will continue battling for justice and seeking to restore Americans’ faith in our electoral process.”

“Consequently, the fraud and abuse came with the election. This contest is the natural result, as evidence will show that the nature and scale of that fraud and abuse render the purported results of the Nevada election illegitimate,” the filing states.

The candidates claim that: “in order to deal with a flood of mail-in ballots, Nevada officials opted to use a machine to match the signatures on the ballot enveloped with those on file with the state. The reliability of the signature matching technology has not been established, the filing claims.”

“First, the signature images on file with the State, which were used by the Agilis machine to compare to the signatures on the outside of the mail-in ballots, were of a lower image quality than suggested by the manufacturer in order to allow the machine to operate properly,” the filing states. “Second, the setting of the Agilis machine was altered or adjusted by Nevada election officials in a manner that was lower than the manufacturer’s recommendations and therefore unreliable.”