Republican Tudor Dixon Dominates Debate

Abortion was the first subject that moderators dragged up during the midterm debates this year, which has been a recurring issue.

Voter Choice Must Be Respected

Dixon avowed to be pro-life “with exemptions for the life of a mother,” but said Michigan’s governor must respect the choice the state’s voters eventually make and not override it.

Dixon criticized Whitmer for opposing a ban on partial-birth abortion and for supporting abortion “up until the juncture of childbirth.”

Whitmer skirted the topic when the moderator questioned if she supported any restrictions on abortion by focusing on the ongoing legal dispute over the procedure in the state’s courts.

Dixon then alleged Whitmer believed she was superior to the state Constitution and utilized the Michigan Supreme Court’s ruling to demonstrate this point by removing the governor’s emergency powers.


Regarding education, Dixon criticized the governor for stating her department may hide incidents of self-harm from parents.

Dixon also criticized Whitmer for the state’s teaching of sex and gender theory to small kids. This, combined with the shutdown of schools during the pandemic, led to “very low reading scores” among Michigan youngsters.

Whitmer responded by highlighting Dixon’s connections to Betsy DeVos, the former education secretary of Trump, charging that Republicans wanted to “rip half a billion dollars from our public schools.”

Dixon Dominates Whitmer

Dixon asserted that Whitmer “wants to ensure your children are in a sitting duck area where there are no handguns and there is no defense” while speaking about school safety.

The moderators questioned Whitmer on if there was something she would have done differently as the discussion shifted to her reaction to the coronavirus epidemic. Whitmer said she “would have taken some alternative options,” but she did not elaborate.

Dixon berated Whitmer for disobeying the Nursing Home Association and placing patients who tested positive for the coronavirus in nursing homes.

Dixon also slammed Whitmer for concealing troubling information concerning her coronavirus response and brought up the fact that Whitmer bribed her former director of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Dixon pressed Whitmer on breaking her campaign commitment to improving Michigan’s roadways in 2018. Dixon pointed out despite Whitmer’s promise to keep gas taxes flat, she tried to raise them by 45 cents as soon as she took office.


Dixon later criticized Whitmer for embracing “the spirit of ‘defund the cops,'” as the debate moderator mentioned some violent crimes are now on the rise in Michigan.

The Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate then highlighted her support from The Police Officers Association of Michigan.

In order to deal with the state’s crime problem, Dixon promised to invest an additional $1 billion in policing. On Friday, October 25, Dixon and Whitmer will square off in a second discussion.