Republicans Caution DOJ Not to Violate Freedom of Speech Against Transgender Treatments on Children

Attorney General Merrick Garland is being cautioned by Senate Republicans never to prosecute Americans who come out against transgender medical procedures on children.

He cannot do this in the same way that his department did with parents who spoke out during school board meetings.

Senators Express Concern

Five senators wrote to Garland on Tuesday, expressing their fear that he would continue the trend established in his earlier handling of disorderly school board demonstrators.

Garland claims the memo was partially based on a statement the National School Boards Association (NSBA) had sent President Joe Biden, where the NSBA referred to disturbances at school board sessions as “a type of domestic terrorism and hate crime.”

The NSBA specifically requested the federal government to use terrorist laws to quell “angry crowds” of parents who wanted to hold school authorities responsible for indoctrinating their kids in race and sex and for implementing draconian COVID-19 limitations.

The DOJ has once more been requested to limit debate, this time over the problem of youngsters being subjected to permanent transgender surgeries, the senators claimed, adding they were required to remind Garland of his vow.

Various medical associations wrote to Garland on October 3, requesting assistance from the DOJ with respect to presumed “threats” and “harassment” they have experienced as a result of the “gender-affirming healthcare” they offer.

Media Censorship

The senators claimed Garland’s reply to the NSBA statement set a very poor precedent, which is why the DOJ continues to receive requests of this nature.

They informed Garland that his actions regarding the NSBA letter “send an unacceptable message that federal law enforcement may or will be employed to assist one part of a political dispute, and to both silence or chill the voice of the other side.”

“Presently, in an eerily similar manner, medical associations have come to you to request that you once more take any speech critical of their viewpoint on a delicate topic of public policy as a violent threat necessitating police enforcement reaction.”

The senators went on to say, “We urge you to reconfirm that you will properly preserve the First Amendment rights of all Americans to freely discuss this and all other policy concerns, regardless of perspective”

The senators’ caution coincides with an increase in the use of “gender confirmation care,” a concept based on progressive gender ideology, among pediatric healthcare professionals.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ most recent recommendations, clinicians should embrace a “gender-affirmative care approach” and provide treatments that are “focused toward recognizing and valuing the youth’s gender experience.”

Such a concept views “various gender presentations” and transgender identities as “normal features of human uniqueness,” as opposed to mental problems.

Additionally, the model acknowledges that gender identity “develops as a combination of biology, growth, socialization, and culture.”

Many medical practitioners, such as sex expert Dr. Kenneth Zucker, who have a different perspective on the optimal quality of treatment for individuals suffering from gender dysphoria, have been forced out of their fields.