Republicans Have a Genius Plan to Deal with Migrants

Conservatives in the Pennsylvania state legislature are working on a bill that would send immigrants arriving on flights funded by the Biden government to the president’s native home of Delaware.

Can This Work?

GOP Senator Mario Scavello of Mount Pocono sent a note to his colleagues, urging them to approve the pending legislation.

“I aim to introduce a bill to handle the flood of illegal aliens being transferred into Pennsylvania in the very nearish term,” Scavello stated, adding his measure will be modeled after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ same objectives.

As per Scavello’s report, the measure would establish a clear transportation scheme for migrants from the state to the adjacent Delaware.

He inquired, “How many undocumented migrants has Joe Biden transferred to his native home of Delaware? Why not reroute the move to Delaware if it’s good enough for Pennsylvania?”

DeSantis commented in November about the flights that appeared to land in Jacksonville. “Buses will be provided by us. I’ll dispatch them to Delaware to take care of it.”

Scavello’s measure also forbids government contracts from being awarded to government contractors assisting the president’s migration efforts.

The coronavirus epidemic is being “further worsened,” according to the state senator, by the influx of immigrants who have not been screened for the virus.

“Societies that have seen additional burdens on their health systems, at the end of the day, should not be required to take on more undocumented immigrants and the extra financial obligations that come along with these migrants.”

Scavello’s bill will be co-sponsored by another Pennsylvania Conservative, state Senator Doug Mastriano of Chambersburg.

Biden Won’t Like This

“We have to look into the entire number of illegal aliens being transported to [Pennsylvania] by air and bus,” said Mastriano, a retired military colonel and gubernatorial candidate.

“We also have to look into how much this is costing taxpayers and whether Governor [Tom] Wolf, as well as Attorney General Josh Shapiro, were given advance notice of the flights.”

As Wolf’s tenure expires in 2022, Liberal Josh Shapiro is front in the Democratic gubernatorial race.

Immigrant flights that landed at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport Terminal on Dec. 11, 17, and 25 were not concluding their trips there, according to Wolf’s office. Instead, they were traveling through on their way to their protectors and sponsorships.

“Had any of the elected representatives trying to send punctuation marks asked, they would have received the same data that we’ve seen in HHS.”

“This data shows unaccompanied minors managed to pass through the Wilkes-Barre aerodrome over the last week en route to their ultimate stops to be reunited with their moms and dads or vetted sponsors,” communications director Beth Rementer said.

“These weren’t ICE flights,” says the narrator. However, this remains to be seen.