Republicans Make Further Advances in Senate Elections

New polls suggest a massive gain for Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who’s now leading against Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock in what’s considered the closest Senate election of this year.

Warnock was expected to get an easy win, until he was found using his campaign funds for controversial means. This turned voters toward the Republican nominee.

Major Setback for Democrats

According to the InsiderAdvantage poll results, 47% of voters support Walker, while only 44% back Warnock.

In July, Warnock was leading the polls with the support of 48% of voters, compared to Walker, who was only backed by 45%. Likewise, Warnock was leading the polls by a ten percentage point margin in June this year.

Speaking to Fox News about the latest polls, Walker noted he is going out and meeting different people, which is the primary reason for his rising support.

Even though Democrats spent more than $50 million in the Georgia election, the race is still open and can go either way, Walker added.

Furthermore, Walker suggested Georgians are seeking to change their leaders in Washington, especially at a time when the Democratic candidate is just another hardcore supporter of Biden.

Raphael Warnock, Walker continued, wants to impose more taxes on people, keep American borders open, and include biological men in women’s sports.

Chairman of InsiderAdvantage, Matt Towery, asserted Warnock is leading with young voters; however, he is badly failing to impress people within the 40-64 years group. 

On the other hand, Walker is enjoying minimal support from African-Americans, which could go against the GOP in the midterm elections, Towery added.

While 60% of men voters support Walker, almost 55% of women support Warnock. Now, only 4% of voters are undecided, who are likely to determine the outcome of the Georgia Senate race, as per Towery.

If any candidate fails to get 50% votes in the November elections, a runoff election will be held in Georgia.

Warnock Axing His Own Feet

For a long time, Warnock dominated different pre-election polls in Georgia. However, the rise of various controversies against Warnock made him a vulnerable candidate in the midterm elections.

A couple of months ago, Warnock was found using his campaign funds to fight his personal lawsuit of a time when he was not a politician. 

Despite going against the guidelines of the Federal Election Commission and using donors’ money for his personal benefit, Warnock kept on asking for more donations from his supporters.

Walker invited Warnock numerous times for a public debate, but the Democratic candidate kept on ignoring his calls. Now, after seeing his nosediving ratings, Warnock agreed to publicly debate Walker in October.

The same polls also suggested Republican incumbent Governor Brian Kemp is leading the gubernatorial elections polls against Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams.

Towrey noted Kemp is leading the pre-election polls in every age group. Abrams is only winning among African-Americans and women voters, who are still unlikely to win elections for her.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.