Republicans to Teach DOJ and FBI a Lesson

Republican lawmakers are aiming to oversee Biden’s White House and the Department of Justice (DOJ) after the FBI’s raid on Trump’s residence in Florida.

Once Republicans win the midterm elections, Democrats are likely to face a slew of congressional investigations that can push many law enforcement agencies into trouble.

GOP Lawmakers Condemned FBI’s Raid Against Trump

According to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the DOJ already crossed all the limits and reached an “intolerable state” of affairs. 

If the GOP manages to win the midterm elections, House Republicans will “leave no stone unturned” to scrutinize the DOJ by launching a formal investigation based on the facts, McCarthy added.

Likewise, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who previously opposed Trump for his election fraud narrative also asked the DOJ to release an “immediate explanation” of the raid.

McConnell asserted the DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland “should already have” answered Americans for raiding Trump’s residence.

In addition to that, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley indicated the politicization of the FBI is urging Republicans to start the formal inquiry against the DOJ.

So, Grassley continued, Republicans will initiate the oversight probe of different law enforcement agencies if the GOP controls the Senate Judiciary Committee after the midterm elections. 

Reportedly, Republican lawmakers are evaluating different plans to scrutinize the DOJ after November.

One such plan includes the creation of a special panel for investigating the overreach of different law enforcement agencies.

While this idea is widely endorsed in the Republican ranks, the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees are already mandated to oversee such matters.

Lawmakers might not snatch the powers of the committees to make a separate panel for conducting an inquiry against the DOJ.

FBI Helped Republican Lawmakers Forget Internal Differences

The FBI raid against Trump even reduced differences between various factions of the Republican Party.

After Trump’s departure from the White House, a significant number of GOP lawmakers refuted his style of politics and asked him to adopt a moderate approach to his election fraud narrative.

However, now even those lawmakers are backing Trump and aiming to hold the DOJ accountable.

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green stated she always talks about the infighting within the GOP. However, she is optimistic Republicans will unite to hold the partisan agencies of the federal government accountable after winning the midterm elections in November. 

A moderate congresswoman, Nicole Malliotakis, who is the daughter of a Cuban refugee in America, compared the FBI with the politically polarized governmental institutions of Cuba.

She also insisted Americans have a lot of questions regarding the FBI’s raid on Trump’s house; so the DOJ should come forward to clarify the concerns of Americans.

Political analysts believe the FBI’s raid is expected to intensify political polarization in the United States, which will once again make bipartisanship a pipe dream. 

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.