Republicans Strike Back With New Bill to End Biden’s KGB

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) presented a measure this week that would dismantle the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board, calling it illegal.

It’s Unconstitutional

“Biden’s so-called Disinformation Committee is inconsistent with the Constitution and must be disintegrated instantly,” Hawley said in a declaration.

He called the board “hardly anything short of a censoring review panel vested with full federal governmental power to supervise dissenting talk and contrasting opinions under the pretense of national defense.”

“The American people ought to know who authorized this board and who allowed such an extreme, anti-free speech extremist to chair it,” he continued.

The measure itself would abolish the board and prohibits the Secretary of Homeland Safety from creating “any institution analogous to the board.”

The president would also be forbidden from authorizing “actions for national security that are substantially comparable to the board’s functions.”

As per the senator’s office, the legislation would even require Secretary of DHS Alejandro Mayorkas to send specific information to Congress, including “disclosure of all records pertaining to the board in a letter to Congress within 30 days.”

The bill comes after Hawley wrote Mayorkas on April 28 and chastised him for pursuing “policing Americans’ expression” as a key “goal.”

He also challenged the secretary’s choice of radical leftist Nina Jankowicz to oversee the board, claiming she has a “rich history of political attacks” and that “domestic fascism precedes President Trump.”

Hawley continues in his letter to Mayorkas:

“While liberals have had a stranglehold on the town square for years, thanks to their big tech supporters, Mr. Musk’s purchase of Twitter has exposed how flimsy that grip is.”

“The primary objective of this new false news governance body, it can only be presumed, will be to use the federal government’s ability to ban conservative and contrarian speech. This is both hazardous and unpatriotic.”

The board should be disbanded right away.

Mayorkas, on the other hand, defended the board, arguing “disinformation that poses a threat to domestic security is our job to handle” and it will not impede free expression.

More Republicans Raise Their Concerns

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) informed Breitbart News over the weekend that the Biden administration is using its Disinformation Governance Board to “police speech.”

She described this as “sounding a lot like the KGB from the Soviet times.”

“I’ve been thinking for decades, and you cautioned back in February,” Blackburn added, “that what they’re trying to do is police communication.”

“Big tech recognizes we’ve completed these sessions and are about to approve legislation on privacy and data security.”

“Elon Musk bought Twitter, and now that Truth Social is out there, these folks can’t take it anymore.”

As a consequence, Blackburn said, the Biden government has chosen to enter the conversation through the Disinformation Governance Board.