Republicans Taking the Fight To America’s Enemies in UN Organization

Finally, we have some solid action against the mismanagement and anti-western stance the UN has been taking lately. Republican lawmakers have introduced a bill that will reassert America’s position at the front of the UN and tackle China and Russia.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee and Republican Rep. Michael McCaul from Texas plan to present multiparty measures on Wednesday; they claim these measures will battle US foes at the UN.

Member States That Don’t Follow the Rules Will Be Exposed

The bill dubbed the “United Nations Accountability and Transparency Act” singles out China and Russia; it also states that any member who fails to fulfill the U.N. Charter will be exposed.

It would “enhance” the US engagement in the United Nations system by mandating the State Department to encourage the employment of American citizens here as well as in other intergovernmental communities.

According to the law, Moscow has manipulated the United Nations’ acquisition process to its advantage; meanwhile, China has utilized its leadership positions within the UN to prevent nonprofit groups critical of the PRC from being recognized, while its ambassadors have broken US rules.

Communist countries, such as China’s communist regime, cannot be permitted to proceed with their unchallenged malevolent behavior at the United Nations, according to Blackburn. She also stated that the bill will reinforce America’s impact as a key UN member state while also exposing the threat confrontational countries pose to international bodies.

According to Blackburn, this research is vital in holding totalitarian governments responsible for their ongoing efforts against human rights and democracy.

China Has Taken Advantage of the UN System For Too Long

According to McCaul, the People’s Republic Of China and other nefarious players have penetrated the United Nations for much too long in order to further their own agendas. In order to promote accountability and transparency in the United Nations system, significant reforms are required.

He said we can effectively resist our enemies who aim to undercut the basic objectives of the United Nations and hinder us from resolving world challenges; this can be done by having robust US engagement and leadership.

The law would allow the US to recognize, notify, and prosecute member countries that interact in malign influence operations; this includes UN staff members who act irregularly with the charter’s principles of neutrality. Also involved is the assistance for Taiwan’s enrollment and active participation in relevant international bodies.

This same bill also would guide the secretary of state to expand the size of U.S.-sponsored freshman skilled leadership roles by 50%; the legislation furthermore gives the president the authority to list nations discovered to conduct malign emphasis added within the United States.

In terms of UN donations, the bill will mandate organizational accountability and transparency in the wake of repeated exposures of inefficiency, corruption, and mismanagement inside the United Nations.