Rocket Man Tests New Horrifying Missile System

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un reiterated his warning to deploy nuclear weapons first if challenged.

He did this while praising his top military leaders for organizing a large military display in the capital, Pyongyang, this last week.

Kim’s Gone Mad

Kim started his “firm determination” to keep building his nuclear-armed army in order to “proactively and extensively encompass and infuriate all dangerous efforts and intimidating moves.”

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According to KCNA, Kim called his military leaders to thank them for their efforts at Monday’s parade.

This parade featured the North’s most destructive nuclear weapons, including long-range missiles able of reaching the United States homeland and a wide range of shortened solid-fuel missile systems that pose a rising threat to South Korea and Japan.

The discussion was held on a classified day, according to KCNA.

The parade celebrating North Korea’s army’s 90th parade happened as Kim renewed nuclear bomb brinkmanship in an effort to convince the US to understand his nation as nuclear power and lift tough economic restrictions.

Kim vowed to grow his nuclear army at the “fastest feasible speed” and threatened to use them if challenged, speaking before scores of troops and spectators who had been assembled for the event.

In instances where the North finds foreign opposition to its unnamed “fundamental interests,” Kim stated his bombs would “not once be limited to the exclusive task of war deterrence.”

Kim’s words indicate that he intends to keep up the provocative nuclear tests to exert pressure on Washington and Seoul.

Following the failure of current liberal President Moon Jae-engagement’s policies, South Korea will elect a new conservative government in May, which may adopt a tougher stance on Pyongyang.

Will He Use Them?

Experts say Kim’s vow to deploy nuclear weapons to preserve his country’s ambiguously defined “fundamental objectives” might signal an escalating nuclear strategy that would cause increased alarm for South Korea, Japan, and the United States.

North Korea launched 13 missiles so far in 2022, such as its first full-range ICBM test since 2017.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council remains divided and virtually immobilized over Russia’s war in Ukraine.

There are also indications that North Korea is reopening trenches at a nuclear testing site that was last used in 2017, possibly in readiness for a nuclear test.

According to some analysts, the North may try to time the testing between South Korean President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol’s appointment on May 10 and his scheduled summit with US President Joe Biden on May 21 to maximize its political impact.

Kim’s recent statements come after his powerful sister issued a fiery declaration earlier in the month.

She chastised South Korea’s minister of defense for touting preemptive attack functionality against the North. She also claimed that if provoked, her country’s nuclear army units would decimate the South’s ground troops.

Yoon also spoke about improving the South’s preemptive attack abilities and missile defense systems throughout his campaign, promising to boost the South’s defense in tandem with its partnership with the US.