Ron DeSantis is Preventing Crimes Against Humanity

The rivalry between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, along with his like-minded legislators, vs. the Walt Disney Company has gotten worse in the previous month.

The state took away Disney’s special land privileges and tax breaks last week.

What started as a squabble about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law has turned into a corporate awakened cautionary story.

The Details

The law restricts gender and sexual orientation identification teachings in elementary grades, along with prohibiting school workers from hiding “healthcare services” for older children from their families.

The latter is a feature that has received far less attention. The bill, nicknamed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by press partisans, has become a flashpoint for families’ rights.

Faced with pressure from the Human Rights Movement and woke workers, Disney CEO Bob Chapek bowed to the activists, saying, “It is evident that it’s not just a problem about a law in Florida, but rather another affront to basic human rights.”

“I let you down because you wanted me to be a greater ally in the struggle for equal rights. Please accept my apologies,” he added.

“We’re stepping up our assistance for advocacy organizations in other jurisdictions to resist similar bills.”

Karey Burke, the director of Disney’s General Entertainment, who is in control of content, promised 50 percent of LGBTQIA and ethnic minorities figures will appear in future projects.

These new company commitments feel like treachery or a double-cross to many who grew up with a different, brighter, apolitical Disney and are loyal to its characters and magical countries.

A Pitched Battle

This Biden White House, as so occurs, also “decries the growth of hazardous anti-transgender legislation assaults” and supports “gender-affirming treatment” for children and teens.

“Gender-affirming treatment,” the trendy phrase for modifying sex through puberty blockers, drugs, and surgeries, became a mountain for progressives to climb.

“The political shenanigans and harsh and brutal efforts at laws, or laws that we’re seeing in some areas like Florida, that is not a representation of the country,” Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, sobbed.

In fact, curbing the LGBT blitzkrieg in classrooms has a lot of popular support.

Sexual education is a contentious “health” topic that never goes away.

Public conflicts over substance, latitude, and honesty are unavoidable if schools are forced to follow state-mandated curricula.

Friedrich Nietzsche famously stated, “The degree of a man’s sensuality extends up into the ultimate summit of his spirit.” Nowhere is this more true than in adolescent years (and not so true in first grade).

Nothing could be more natural than sex, and each era and society makes complex decisions about what is acceptable and what is not.

Adults’ erroneous attention to genital sex in primary schools, on the other hand, is perplexing and intrusive to youngsters.

Violations of privacy and mockery can be traumatizing, humiliating, and disrespectful of home-held values, especially in public areas like the school, where students are always on the lookout for teacher and peer acceptance.