Russia Commits Environmental Terrorism

Huge explosions shook cities and neighboring areas throughout Ukraine late Saturday, as well as early Sunday morning.

Russian armed troops launched a ferocious air campaign aimed at capturing key portions of the country.

Massive Environmental Damage

According to reports, a pipeline project in Kharkiv is on fire, as a result of a Russian attack.

As per the National News Agency of Ukraine, which was later confirmed by CNN, an oil facility in Vasylkiv, central Ukraine, was also purportedly attacked.

This morning, a video of the blaze at the oil storage place south of the air base’s main runway went viral on social media.

Vasylkiv is approximately 30 kilometers (18 miles) south of Kyiv. It is home to a huge military airfield, as well as numerous fuel tanks.

According to Illia Ponomarenko of the Kyiv Independent, residents in the region have been warned to keep their windows locked to avoid harmful chemical odors.

“The missile strike was conducted out against the KLO company’s Vasilkovskaya oil depot,” Anton Gerash, a Ministry of Internal Matters adviser, said.

“Rescue workers already have left for the tragedy’s location. There were most probably no casualties. It will burn for an extended period of time. The environmental consequences will be enormous.”

“Russian missile attacks in Vasylkiv, just south of Kyiv, resulted in a massive fire at an oil store,” BuzzFeed News journalist Christopher Miller wrote.

“According to the city mayor and central govt officials, citizens should close their windows due to harmful smoke.”

Further Incidents

After a day of heavy battles outside the city, Russian forces shelled Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, once more on Saturday night. According to US sources, the majority of the more than 150,000 Russian forces stationed around Ukraine are now operating inside the country.

As per the Ukrainian Regular Army, Russian forces have murdered at least 198 people, notably three children. They’ve also injured 1,115 people, notably 33 children, while more than 150,000 Ukrainian evacuees have fled.

The Ukrainian government encourages residents to take up weaponry against the invading Russian army, including Molotov cocktails.

The US allegedly offered to remove Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the midst of the fighting. Zelensky has refused, reportedly telling US authorities, “The struggle is here; I need ammo, not a ride.”

On Saturday, Zelensky told the press, “Anyone who chooses to come over here and protect our country, please come, and then we will give you weaponry. Anyone who protects will be exalted.”

In a statement published earlier this week, Zelensky said, “We will hand guns to anybody who wants to defend the nation. Prepare to show your support for Ukraine on the streets of our communities.”

“We will abolish sanctions on all Ukrainian nationals who are willing to protect our country as part of territory protection with firearms in their hands,” Zelenksy added.

On Friday, NATO deployed the NATO Response Force for the very first time, preparing tens of thousands of soldiers who will be part of an international force.

This force includes land, air, naval, and special operations units.