Russia Has a New Battleground

America’s adversaries are getting more organized than ever. The latest example comes from war games where Russian sharpshooters and troops will be taking part in Venezuela.

These games with Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, and more have happened since 2015. They’re a kind of way to brag about various anti-American nations’ military prowess.

Though this is the first time that Venezuela will be hosting the games. Venezuela is led by a corrupt, pro-Russian dictator called Nicolas Maduro.

Target: South America

These war games involve many nations who are not big fans of the United States or its allies. They have various reasons for their dislike of the US government and the US military’s positions.

Though the main point here is the expansion into South America is part of a larger pattern of growing collaboration between the Eurasian anti-American block and the South American anti-American block.

China and Russia are both spreading their tentacles into South America. Their building up military collaboration is just one part of the collaboration and work they’re doing to create an effective and massive anti-US coalition.

Who’s Taking Part in These War Games?

In addition to Russia, Venezuela, and China, these war games have a lot more participants. They include Abkhazia, a breakaway region of the nation of Georgia which is recognized only by Russia, Venezuela, and Vanuatu.

They also include Belarussian forces and troops from Burma, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

According to Venezuela’s Minister of Defense Vladimir Lopez, this is all part of standing up to the “aggression” of the United States and presenting a united front against the dirty tricks and sabotage of the Western capitalists.

It also included forces from Bolivia, Cuba, and the nation of Nicaragua, which is ruled by a socialist madman.

South America as a whole has a rising tide of extremist socialist and far-left governments taking over nations, providing a soft underbelly for China and Russia to funnel their dirty money and link closer ties militarily and socially.

The point of this is Russia is letting the Biden regime and American establishment know it’s fine coming right into the continent directly below us and flexing its muscles as well, just as the US forces do in Georgia, Romania, Ukraine, and other allies near Russia.

Will South America Fall?

Let’s talk fundamentals: is South America going to fall to socialism and anti-American regimes? The harsh truth is it already partly has.

There’s a cliche in geopolitics that South America either elects strongmen from the far left or far right to fix its problems.

The truth is leaders like Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil are the only thing standing between the South American continent and the red dragon from the east.

It’s time to take the tyrannical communist threat in South America a lot more seriously.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.