Russia Issues Strong Warning to the West

The Russian government sent out a warning on Wednesday.

This was just before President Biden’s European journey to sit with NATO countries for a discussion about potential unilateral sanctions, as well as other efforts to thwart Russia’s army in Ukraine.

According to Russia, sending troops from any of NATO’s member nations to serve as peacekeeping troops in the war-torn nation would be “a highly hazardous choice.”

Russia said this choice would ultimately lead to a “direct clash” between Moscow and NATO.

Don’t Tempt Russia!

The remarks were made in response to a Polish suggestion to send soldiers from NATO, or perhaps another international organization, to serve as peacekeepers.

In reply, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov sent a message to the students and faculty at the Moscow Government Institute of International Interaction on Wednesday.

Lavrov said such a plan would contribute to “a direct confrontation between Russian and NATO armed services that everybody else has not only attempted to prevent, but also said really shouldn’t take place in concept.”

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, criticized the suggestion, telling Reuters, “It would be a very foolish and incredibly hazardous choice.”

“Any hypothetical interaction involving Russian and NATO forces may have significant consequences which would be hard to correct,” he told journalists on a conference call, according to Reuters.

More Sanctions on the Way

The Wall Street Journal further claimed the NATO talks this week might result in a slew of new penalties and strategies aimed at putting pressure on China.

According to US authorities, the Biden government is drafting additional sanctions against the majority of members of Russia’s State Legislature, the lower house.

According to Defense Secretary Jake Sullivan, Biden will use his talks in Brussels this week to maintain pressure on China to refrain from providing aid to Russia.

The US and its allies are also supposed to unveil new sanctions on Russia at the gatherings.

Despite Russia’s sustained heavy assaults, UN Secretary-General António Guterres hinted that international efforts were beginning to gain momentum, according to the Journal.

“There’s enough on the board to stop the fighting right now, and really negotiate right now,” Guterres added. “Eventually, it will have to transfer from the battlefield to the negotiation table,” he continued.

In terms of additional de-escalation attempts, the Daily Wire announced on Tuesday that Russia indicated if the nation’s survival was endangered, it would use nuclear weapons.

“We have a notion of internal security that is open to the public.”

“You can read all the justifications for using nuclear weapons,” Peskov stated. “If it poses an existential threat to our country, it can be deployed in line with our strategy.”

The one-month anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is Thursday, March 24.