Russia Won’t Stop and the Crisis Will Get Worse

A Ukrainian parliamentarian has warned that places like Kyiv would become the “new Aleppo.”

This will happen unless the West backs up its loud support for Ukraine with far more actions than it is currently taking to oppose the Russian invasion.

The Numbers are Staggering

Oleksandra Ustinova told Fox News Digital at least 2,000 civilians have been killed in the Russian invasion so far; that figure might climb substantially as Russia targets towns like Kharkiv and Kyiv.

“It’s a catastrophe. Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest town with a population of two million people, is practically in ashes,” she said. One of Syria’s main cities, Aleppo, was severely destroyed a decade ago during the brutal civil war.

According to Ustinova, the army has blocked Russians from entering the city, but the sky remains open, allowing Russia to launch missiles and bombs onto civilians hidden in those areas.

She gave Fox News photos of children who were being housed underground and getting medical attention for their injuries.

“For the first few nights, Putin was firing at army targets, infrastructure targets like airports, military installations, and power plants; now, he’s just firing at civilians,” she claimed.

“They’re going after kindergartens, preschools, orphanages, maternal hospitals, and residential areas, which is why we’re seeing so many civilian deaths.”

“So his goal is to kill a lot of people as he can and force us to negotiate,” she explained.

The West has shown its support for Ukraine’s invasion by imposing repeated waves of penalties on Russian banks and billionaires, which have harmed the Russian economy.

However, lawmakers and prominent personalities in the United States and around the world have shown their support.

Support For Ukraine is Huge

At the State of the Union on Tuesday, lawmakers applauded the Ukrainian envoy to the USA, many of whom wore Ukrainian flag pins on their jackets.

However, President Biden praised the measures imposed by his government and the resulting cooperation among NATO partners.

“Democratic countries are surging to the fore in the war between freedom and autocracies, and the globe is plainly choosing the path of peace and stability,” he said.

Ukrainian officials, on the other hand, have been warning more has to be undertaken from the West, along with more broad penalties, more equipment, and the implementation of a no-fly zone above Ukraine.

Ustinova remarked, “I saw there was unity in favor of Ukraine. The issue is how much the West can back this cause. Are they willing to spend an extra 20-30 cents for gas as part of this assistance?”

“No, not as far as I can tell. So, I’m sorry, but Ukrainians will not celebrate it. Ukrainians are currently risking their lives for global freedom; meanwhile, the world is unwilling to pay more for gas and oil.”

The sanctions, according to Ustinova, are not nearly tough enough, since they are explicitly designed to exclude the energy industry.