Russian Invasion Imminent!

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s months-long military build-up near Ukraine has unnerved US authorities. American authorities are now telling their European allies Moscow may be about to invade Ukraine again.

The Build-up is Huge

One top US Homeland Security source even stated Russian President Vladimir Putin is attempting to build military capacity along his western frontier. This comes in case he feels compelled to act in Belarus, where the Kremlin-aligned government is at odds with nations in Europe.

The rise in Washington’s worry, which has been verified by two US sources, suggests Biden’s attempts to negotiate an agreement with Putin are losing steam. Nonetheless, Russia has taken measures that irritated the US and Europeans in the past before pulling off and easing tensions.

The US was discussing with allies the possibility of Russia pushing into Ukraine, according to Bloomberg. For example, in April, Moscow deployed tens of thousands of soldiers near Ukraine’s border, alarming Washington and NATO partners.

Some of the soldiers would withdraw to their posts later, but almost all stayed, along with scores of military vehicles for Western officials to take notice of.

GOP Rep. Mike Turner, a House member of the Armed Services and Intelligence Committees, stated Thursday, “this is considerably different than what we’ve seen in April.”

“What we’re witnessing now clearly leads us to believe that Russia’s aims, this time, are new.” New postings to Crimea and the entrance of the First Armored Army in Voronezh, which is nearer to the Ukraine frontier, have gotten a lot of press.

According to a top Biden intelligence source, the US is counseling allies about the issue. Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with President Emmanuel Macron about it “thoroughly.”

According to the person, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also in contact with European partners regarding the issue. “A determined effort has been made in capitals across Europe to emphasize how worried we are about the issue,” a US representative in Germany stated.

What Will the West Do?

One EU envoy said US authorities discussed the Russian accumulation along Ukraine’s boundary with their office in Washington. The Russian formation contains artillery, tanks, new infantry platoons, and other armored vehicle units that are normally stationed elsewhere in the country.


Russian troops who just arrived right on the border began positioning themselves at night. This comes in contrast to past force surges when Moscow made large, public demonstrations of moving armor and men on railways and highways throughout the day.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told ABC News during one visit to America, “it will not require Russia a long time to become an armed operation if it chose to do so.”

Russian nuclear-capable aircraft flew above Belarus near Poland repeatedly this week, according to Russian officials.