Russian Military Arrives in Force on America’s Doorstep

Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine has already been going on for more than half a year. Technically it’s categorized as a “special operation.” Vladimir Putin is still using other portions of his military in very different ways.

One thing Putin is doing is focusing on joint training and giving his military room to train around the world. The latest exercises have brought the Russian Navy right to America’s doorstep, only miles from Alaska.

Russian Navy Conducts Intense Offshore Drills

Russia’s Navy has been conducting intense drills in the Laptev and Barents seas with approximately 30 warships taking part in the war games.

Several missiles were fired during the exercise on a strategic maritime route connecting the Pacific with the European continent. These drills showed the range of these missiles, which managed to strike targets over 650 miles away.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! There is a possibility Putin is bolstering his strength in the Arctic to control the sea routes, move around, and trade more easily.

Putin made his decisions clear. As soon as the U.S. took the initiative to collaborate and arm Ukraine more, Putin, in response, assured such an attitude will also make the US become a potential target for Russia.

There’s no reason to think he was joking around or to believe his threats were only referring to a literal attack.

Aiding the Enemy

Russia’s government made it clear that any who help Ukraine’s western-backed government are considered to be helping Russia’s enemy.

The US has been helping with HIMARS and other advanced systems; these more intense war games near Alaska show Putin is upping the pressure.

They also came just after Putin’s one-on-one meeting with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, which points to the growing concern of a Russia-China partnership against NATO and the West.

Russia and China have gotten increasingly close in the past years, particularly since the war. China recently helped directly with bolstering a Russian military base.

There is no doubt the two powers are drawing closer together in an anti-American alliance. Coupled with the Taliban retaking power in Afghanistan, a China-Pakistan-Afghanistan corridor also threatens our close allies in India.

These war games in the Barents Sea are trolling from Putin, but Russia’s naval capability should not be shrugged off too easily. It is clear that Putin is getting bolder about provoking an American response and playing around right in the West’s backyard.

More evidence of this also exists in Russia and China’s growing influence in South America and Eurasia, where they are spreading money, soft power, and military collaboration to undermine and control puppet regimes.

The Bottom Line

The Russians aren’t coming, at least not yet. Though the threat from Putin needs to be taken very seriously.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.