Russian Monsters Castrate Ukrainian War Prisoners in Horrifying Video

(Social media snapshot from the horrifying video)

The atrocious war crimes committed by brutal Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s troops in Ukraine have become even more horrifying.

A video emerged on social media in which Russian soldiers are castrating a Ukrainian prisoner of war and showing him his cut-off genitals.

Russia’s War Crimes Already Horrifying

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been raped, tortured, and slaughtered – regardless of their sex or age – by Russians in the more than five months of war so far.

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Russians have committed crimes against humanity, war crimes, and acts of genocide all over the map and in any Ukrainian territory they have managed to get their hands on.

However, it is in the already liberated parts of the country that Ukrainian authorities have made the most horrifying revelations about the crimes of the invading beasts in uniform.

The most haunting images so far have come out of a number of towns and villages in Northern Ukraine simply because Ukrainian defenders managed to chase out Russians and then investigate their monstrosities.

At the same time, many of the Russian war criminals and Russian soldiers have already been sent into earlier graves by the defenders of Ukraine.

About 11,000 pieces of Russian military equipment have been destroyed by the Ukrainians so far.

(Social media footage snapshot shows the alleged Russian soldier who castrated the Ukrainian POW. The executioner is an ethnic Buryat from Siberia)

Russian Troops Film Forcible Castration of Ukrainian POW

One of the most horrifying videos, if not the most horrifying one, emerged on social media, showing a Ukrainian prisoner of war getting castrated by Russian soldiers who are filming the stupefying crime.

The video reported by The Daily Mail shows how a group of soldiers in Russian camouflage uniforms pin down a Ukrainian POW and cut off his genitalia with a box-cutting knife.

After that, one of the Russian soldiers holds them up for the camera and shows them to the Ukrainian soldier.

It remains unclear when exactly the video was filmed, but there are reports that some of the Russian soldiers in the video were filmed in June in the Donbas region in southeast Ukraine.

The fate of the Ukrainian POW is unknown; although it seems unlikely he would have survived the wound without immediate quality healthcare, which probably wasn’t provided to him.

Social media users guessed the Russian soldiers who carried out the harrowing crime are either Chechen militants or members of the Russian national guard (Rosgvardia).

“Russia has to pay,” reacted on Twitter Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun after seeing the footage. She urged the West to give Ukraine the needed weapons so it can “stop this nightmare” for good.

The video does not appear to have been manipulated, according to experts. More than 21,000 war crimes by the Russian invaders are presently being investigated by Ukraine’s authorities.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.