Russian Soldiers Weaponize Rape in Putin’s Sickening Ukraine War

(Snapshot from Sky News footage showing Ukrainian member of parliament Maria Mezentseva who revealed shocking cases of rape by Russian soldiers in the Ukraine war)

The widespread rape of Ukrainian women – including in front of their underage children – by Russian soldiers appears as a prominent weapon for terrorizing civilians in Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s devastating invasion of Ukraine.

There have been harrowing cases of rape of Ukrainian women, so much that the practice may be “weaponized” by the hordes of Russian brutes, according to Ukrainian sources.

Fathers Killed, Mothers Raped Before Children’s Eyes

One particularly shocking case of a Ukrainian mother raped by Russian soldiers was revealed on Sunday by Maria Mezentseva, a member of Ukraine’s Parliament, in an interview with UK-based television Sky News.

Mezentseva disclosed how two Russian servicemen broke into a home in Brovary and shot dead the husband.

After that, they brutally raped his wife with the couple’s underage child in the same room; they did it repeatedly, right by the dead husband’s body.

Amid the raping of the mother, the Russian soldiers even managed to threaten the underage child. Mezentseva wondered how the poor child victim in question would ever be able to overcome witnessing all of that medieval-style horror.

Earlier this month, Brovary was the site of a rapid assault by Russian tank columns trying to carry out a pincer move against Kyiv from two sides.

Apparently, as the Russian advance reached Brovary, some Russian soldiers decided to invade private homes, kill the men, and rape the women before the eyes of their young children.

In her interview, Ukrainian parliament member Mezentseva revealed the country’s authorities have actually managed to identify one of the two Russian rapists in question.

As a result, Iryna Venediktova, Ukraine’s chief prosecutor, started to tackle the case opening the first official Ukrainian investigation of rape committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.

(Social media photo of Anastasia Taran, 30-year-old waitress who witness mass rape by Russian soldiers in Irpin, west of Kyiv)

Raping Women, Dumping Bodies in the Street

The case in Brovary is only one of numerous instances of rape by Russian soldiers reported in various parts of Ukraine.

In her interview, Mezentseva vowed her nation is not going to stay “silent” about the rampant sex attacks on Ukrainian women committed by the Russian hordes.

Mezentseva said there are “many more victims” of rape by the Russian military.

She spoke from Western Ukraine, vowing that details of rape as it has been weaponized by Putin’s brutes are going to be carefully gathered by the Ukrainian authorities so justice can be served.

Last week, 30-year-old Anastasia Taran, a Ukrainian woman who escaped from Irpin, told of how Putin’s forces are “raping women” and “dumping” dead bodies in the streets, having turned the once lively town into “hell.”

Another Ukrainian member of Parliament, Lesia Vasylenko, who is now in the UK, revealed recent cases of women over 60 years of age who have been raped by the Russians.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, also posted on Twitter about mass cases of rape by the Russian invaders.

The Russians are also revealed to be abducting tens of thousands of Ukrainians to use them for slave labor in Russian regions, such as Siberia.