Russian Troops’ Training So Poor They Get Set For Body Bags in Ukraine War

(Social media photo by Ukraine Weapons Tracker on Twitter)

The training of new recruits for the Russian military against Ukraine is so poor and inadequate that new soldiers are practically set to shortly end up in body bags, according to reports.

Up to 80,000 Russian Troops May Have Been Killed

Bloodthirsty Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s war of conquest against Ukraine shattered the long-propagated myth about the “invincibility,” “might,” and “victoriousness” of the Russian military.

After almost five full months of fighting, the official Russian military lost exactly 39,000 soldiers in battle, according to the latest estimate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, as of Friday morning.

However, reports claiming insider knowledge of the Kremlin say the actual figure in the Russian Ministry of Defense is higher by at least a few thousand.

The figure in question does not include those wounded, deserters, those taken as POWs, or still reported missing. Besides the manpower losses, however, Russia has also yielded close to 11,000 units of military equipment.

Putin began the war on February 24 by ordering 200,000 troops to conquer Ukraine for his neo-Soviet empire. However, the fierce resistance of the Ukrainian defenders has been inflicting stupefying losses on Russians every single day.

(Social media photo by Ukraine Weapons Tracker on Twitter)

Five Days of Training, Good to Go as Cannon Fodder

Russians are scurrying to send as many soldiers to the Ukrainian battlefields as possible.

The big question, though, is whether these can even be called “soldiers” since many of them are now getting only five days of training, a report by The Moscow Times has revealed.

The report directly quotes a military analyst asserting the new recruits get sent down a “straight path to a body bag.”

According to one of the interviewed recruits mentioned only as “Ivan,” he signed a three-month contract with the Russian military and received only five days’ worth of training before getting sent to kill Ukrainians.

In his words, many of the new Russian soldiers are being deployed to the occupied parts of Ukraine without even the most basic of military knowledge, such as how to hold a machine gun. Some of them have never even seen a tank in their lives.

Another report, by the Russian service of the BBC, also cited several newly recruited soldiers who were “shocked” at how little they got trained.

According to independent Russian military analyst, Pavel Luzin, a week of training amounts to “nothing.”

The website of the Russian Ministry of Defense claims for a person to sign a contract with it, he or she must have first undergone combined-arms training of four weeks.

Russian law also stipulates a conscript may not be sent into battle before receiving at least four months of training.

It appears the Putin regime is jumping its own regulations just so it can try to overwhelm the Ukrainian defenders with the sheer numbers of untrained recruits it is sending their way.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.