The Full Story of Russia’s Invasion

This week on “Fox News Sunday,” national security adviser Jake Sullivan stated Russian armed forces may attack Ukraine “any day now.”

Russia Sits on the Brink

“Sources have told us that Russia is now cited as being ’70 percent ready to start an attack in Ukraine,'” stated presenter Martha MacCallum.

Russia and Belarus, to the north of Ukraine, now have or will soon have more than 130,000 troops and a large new deployment of jets, rockets, and antiaircraft weapons.

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“Given that the US and Ukraine have given conflicting signals about whether or not an invasion will take place, what can you say to us this morning? Is there going to be an invasion,” MacCallum asked.

“So, Martha, how much I can tell you is that we’re still in the timeframe. Russia might take military action on Ukraine real soon; it could be two weeks from now or Russia may choose the diplomatic option,” Sullivan stated.

“The important thing is the US must be and is ready for any of those scenarios in tandem with our allies around the world.”

“All under President Biden’s leadership, we have strengthened and comforted our partners on the eastern borders; we have unified the West and we supplied tangible support to Ukraine,” he added.

“We’ve also given Russia a diplomatic option to follow if they so desire. If conflict breaks out, it will have a huge human cost for Ukraine, but we believe it will also have a strategic cost to Russia, based on our preparedness and response.”

There is More to the Story

Recently publicly released intelligence is asserting that Russia is planning an elaborate “false flag” procedure. The purpose of this product would be to generate a false pretense to invade Ukraine.

This comes just as the Biden government sent out thousands of US soldiers to Eastern Europe; alerting that Ukraine faces an “immediate danger” would seem “just a little too handy.”

Fred Fleitz held the position as former President Trump’s deputy adviser and the National Security Council’s chief of staff.

He highlighted the Biden administration’s assertion that Moscow is attempting to invent a pretext to attack Ukraine in an exclusive chat with Breitbart News on Friday.

Fleitz raised doubt on the intelligence signaling a forthcoming operation, as well as the unique method in which it was declassified, at a Department of State briefing on Thursday.

“I spent 19 years in the intelligence agencies at the CIA and five years on the Intel Committee. I know a lot about information and I understand intelligence sources can be incorrect [and] compromised,” he said.

Fleitz, who is now vice-chair of the American First Policy Center Center for American Defense, also emphasized the need of allowing declassified data to be obtained.