Senate United Over Taking Tough Line Against China

"Indian Lab Researchers Questing for an AIDS Vaccine" by AIDSVaccine is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

China is a topic in the headlines often these days, but for good reason.

The Chinese Communist Party has aggressively expanded its influence over the past 10 years. Its belt and road initiative has seen it exercise a level of control over its near neighbors in Asia and those countries in Africa that it seeks domination over.

“US Airforce Global Hawk UAV” by Dysanovic is licensed under CC BY 2.0

On Thursday, in Washington DC, the Senate advanced a package of legislation. This legislation has the intention of boosting America’s ability to compete with China in the field of technology and encourages a tough line against Beijing.

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Chuck Schumer, the Democrat Senate Majority Leader, who co-wrote the bill, said that we have put ourselves in a very precarious position by falling behind the rest of the world; this comes in regards to scientific research along with technology and industry.

China’s Technology War Against the US

Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, has described what China is doing as a talent war to sustain its tech ambitions. He added that it is leveraging American taxpayer dollars to fulfill this objective. 

He pointed out that the Chinese view American innovation as being the envy of the world. He said that when they cannot innovate and research themselves, they engage in intellectual property theft by sending people over legally or illegally to gather information. The stolen research and technology are then sent back to China for analysis.

This means that inadvertently, the USA essentially spending millions of dollars to aid the Chinese advancement. China is certainly advancing; however, some of their latest military techs look strangely familiar…

The fighter jet shown in the second tweet is clearly a copy of the American-made F22, a deadly 4th generation aircraft that has stealth capabilities. 

Chinese Military Build-up

The Chinese have invested heavily in the building up of their defensive and offensive capabilities over the past several years. It is clear that they are after the top spot, the world’s most powerful country.

Right now they are close; however, the US military still stands in its way. When it comes to troop numbers, the Chinese military still takes the cake. However, military strength is determined by much more than that. The US military is number one because it has the ability to strike anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours. 

This massive capability is due to the fact that the US military has over 20 aircraft carriers and a fleet of thousands of transport aircraft, meaning it has what they call, global reach. The military can deploy front-line divisions to any point on earth and has the capability to fight with enough fire support to win any engagement. 

China might have the numbers, but ultimately if they can’t deploy it to where it is needed, it will never be able to out-maneuver the US military.