Shameful – The US Gave the Taliban List of Names

American officials in Kabul offered the Taliban a roster of U.S. citizens, visa holders, and Afghanistan supporters in order to grant them admission into the jihadist outer wall of the city’s airfield. This is a decision that has sparked uproar among politicians and military authorities behind the scene.

The operation was disclosed to Politico by several US congressional sources; it was also intended to speed up the departure of thousands and thousands of civilians from Afghanistan after the insurgents took control of the government last week. It came at a time when the Biden government was depending on the Taliban for security checkpoints.

The Military is Outraged

Nearly 100,000 people have been rescued since Kabul fell in mid-August; the majority of them had to pass via the Taliban’s numerous checkpoints. However, politicians and military officials have expressed their displeasure with the decision to reveal particular names to the Taliban.

This is a group that has a reputation of ruthlessly executing Afghans who helped with the US, as well as other coalition troops during the battle.

One security source, like the others who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the government just placed all those Afghans on a death list. It’s revolting and startling, and it makes you feel filthy.

When questioned on Politico’s findings throughout a Thursday press conference, President Joe Biden said he’s not certain if such lists existed; he also didn’t rule out the possibility that the US occasionally gives names to the militants.


Biden Plays Dumb on the Topic

Biden claims that he can’t say with certainty that there was a list of names. Biden also says that maybe there was such a list, but he’s not aware of any circumstances. It doesn’t imply the list doesn’t exist. It just means that here are the names of 12 individuals who will be there shortly, please let them in. It’s possible that this happened.

The White House was not contacted for information or explanations on such a critical matter, according to NSC spokesman Emily Horne. If Politico had inquired, they might have given the same response that the president gave the public on that day.

Supposedly, they exchanged intelligence with the Taliban in select situations that have successfully assisted evacuation orders from Kabul. Meanwhile, a U.S. Defense spokesman declined to comment.

The subject of the list did come up during a secret meeting on Capitol Hill this week, which became tense after top Biden government officials defended their close cooperation with the Taliban.

Officials from the Biden administration argued that it was the best approach to keep Westerners and Afghans safe, while also preventing a shooting conflict between Taliban insurgents and the tens of thousands of US soldiers deployed at the airfield.