Kamala Harris Bleeds More Staff

Vice President Kamala Harris’ leading staff member has quit, marking her the 12th member of Harris’ team to leave, amid ongoing speculation about a “hostile” and “toxic” environment.

According to The Washington Post, one Tina Flournoy is the newest adviser to leave the vice presidential office.

Flournoy, who has served for Harris since December 2020, is expected to be surplanted by Lorraine Voles, a veteran Democratic operative.

Harris’ deputy chief of staff, former national security adviser, and director of communications are among those who have left.

She Has a Track Record

In June 2021, news organizations reported that those close to Harris and Biden characterized them as nervy and having a dour office ambiance.

Aides and supporters said Flournoy, in an evident attempt to protect Harris, instead produced an insular climate where ideas are disregarded or dismissed harshly, and choices are drawn out.

Aides told Politico the VP is an “unforeseen employer” who would unload ‘a lot of verbal abuse’ on staff members who failed to meet erratic expectations, or even for giving her different types of pens.

Harris, who was lauded by the media as being the first black and female VP, has a low approval rating among voters.


According to an April poll, only 35% of California residents favor Harris, while 45% disapprove.

As per a RealClearPolitics latest poll, around 39 percent of respondents favor the bill, while 51 percent oppose it. In a January NBC poll, previous President Trump was judged to be more liked than Harris.

Harris was chastised in the early days of Biden’s administration for not visiting the US-Mexico frontier earlier after Biden named her as border envoy.

Harris has said little openly on the immigration crisis because Title 42, a Trump-era measure that evicted millions of migrants, is scheduled to be lifted.

When Title 42 expires on May 23, DHS is preparing for a possible 18,000 border trepidations every day.

Democrats are apparently scrambling to find out who will be the Democratic presidential contender in 2024 if Biden does not run, due to Harris’ opposition.

Despite this, The Washington Post ranked Harris third among probable presidential candidates for 2024, behind Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and President Joe Biden.

Harris Has No Clue

On Monday, VP Kamala Harris met with personnel of the US Space Force after apparently receiving a presentation on the Space Force’s future role in advancing public safety.

On Tuesday, Harris said, “I attended a briefing on the operations of the US Space Force, the US Space Control, and their work enhancing our public safety.”

“We will continue investing in our govt’s space assets so they can secure our space interests.”

She then gave an awkward speech. “I believe everyone here understands how incredible space is,” Harris added.

“Space is thrilling, whether it’s satellites orbiting the planet, humans landing on the moon, or telescopes peering into the farthest reaches of the universe! It piques our interest. It also makes us think about larger issues.”