Biden Sends Money to the Taliban

According to the Afghan news service Khaama Press, which cited the BBC, President Biden’s administration may soon unblock Afghan state assets, enabling the insurgents’ admittance, in the name of aiding the country’s destitute people.

All Money Held in US Bank Accounts is Locked

At the moment, the Taliban does not even have control of Afghan government assets held in financial institutions.

Jihadist militants have also been denied access to monies belonging to the Afghan government by global institutions, such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

However, Afghanistan’s nominal government disintegrated in August, putting the country in the hands of Taliban terrorist commanders. On August 15, the Islamists stormed Kabul, the Afghan seat of government, shortly after Biden suddenly authorized the departure of all U.S. soldiers from the nation.

Washington committed to an agreement with the Taliban under Trump’s administration, which would have brought the 20-year Afghan War to a close in May 2021.

Biden breached the bargain, prolonging the war and infuriating the Taliban, who interpreted Biden’s decision to extend the war as permission to launch a statewide conquest campaign.

This subsequently culminated in then-President Ashraf Ghani fleeing Kabul in a chopper, carrying $169 million in profits.

No nation in the world formally acknowledged the Taliban terrorist organization as Afghanistan’s authority.

Rogue governments, such as China, Russia, and Iran, on the other hand, have come to refer to the Taliban as the “de facto” administration and contributed to its rise.

China and Russia, in particular, requested the United States finance Taliban militants, claiming this is required to ensure the Afghan people’s future.

The United Nations has also warned of imminent hunger as a consequence of the Taliban’s control. UN agencies have been financing the Taliban in an apparent attempt to preserve Afghan innocent civilians.

Will Biden Lift the Restrictions?

As per Afghanistan’s Khaama Media, “a US executive referenced as a Biden administration member is contemplating easing financial constraints on Afghanistan and the country will issue a permit to allow financial assistance to Afghanistan.”

“According to the source, the US administration met to consider relaxing sanctions on Afghanistan in order to allow foreign assistance organizations to bring humanitarian aid to the country.”

While the article is unnamed, it appears to confirm what State Department spokesperson Ned Price said about Afghanistan to journalists on Monday.

He described America as the “world leader in providing critical assistance to the people of Afghanistan.”

Price, such as the UN, consistently stated cash from the Biden government was heading to “the Afghan people,” without further specifying. The Taliban, on the other hand, is the only pseudo-government in Afghanistan functioning enough to take any aid at all.

The United States openly provided the Taliban doses of coronavirus vaccinations, which Taliban leaders verified they got without the same excitement as any gift from the Communist Party of China.