Shocking – CNN Runs Hit Piece on Kamala Harris

Crucial West Wing aides have primarily flung up their arms at Vice President Kamala Harris and her staff; they are frustrated by what they see as deeply embedded disorder and a loss of concentration.

Now, they are also trying to decide there merely isn’t time to deal with Harris and her staff right now. This is particularly true as President Biden faces rapidly doubling political and legislative fears.

What is going on there?

Anger and frustration are felt on both sides. Roughly three dozen former and present Harris aides, members of the administration, Democrat strategists, fundraisers, and outside advisers — all of whom spoke with CNN extensively — depict a complicated reality inside the White House.

Many of those in the vice president’s inner circle complain she isn’t being properly prepped or placed and she is being ignored. The vice president informed numerous friends and allies she feels confined in her legislative abilities.

Those close to Harris are leery of even alluding to future political aspirations, as Biden’s team is keenly aware of signs of disloyalty, especially from the vice president.

Harris is just a moment away from being president. Given widespread skepticism in the world of politics that Biden will really run for reelection in 2024 (and with everything he’s promised to do publicly and privately), Harris may be just a year away from beginning her own campaign for president.

Or, in three years, Harris will be a crucial validator for a president trying to persuade the public to keep electing him to serve till he’s 86.

Few officials who talked with CNN believe Harris is being adequately prepped for whatever role she will play. Longtime fans of Harris feel let down and have no clear public picture of what she’s accomplished or tried to do as vice president.

Meanwhile, Harris is battling tough relationships with some sectors of the White House. Becoming the first woman (and the first black woman) voted into a national office is historical. However, it also comes with a lot of attention and no room for error, as she frequently points out.

What are their plans?

Harris’ supporters and followers are becoming increasingly agitated. When they’re irritated, they circulate a recent satirical story ridiculing her lack of real work, with the heading “White House Pushes Kamala Harris to Sit at Laptop All Day in Case Emails Come in.”

They dismiss the Aaron Sorkin-style notion Biden would try to replace her by recommending her to a Supreme Court seat when they’re unhappy. According to one individual who has seen it, the discussion has already reached the highest levels of the Biden orbit.

Harris is seen as being in such a vulnerable position that prominent Democrats inside and outside of Washington have begun to debate in private. They’re why the White House has permitted her to become so tainted in the public eye.