Shocking: Hunter Biden Complicit in Securing Corrupt Deals

As per emails examined and confirmed by Fox News Digital, Hunter Biden was crucial in assisting a Rosemont Seneca Partners client and Democratic donor secure an occasion at the Chinese Office in Washington, D.C.

This happened after connecting with one of the embassy’s high-ranking officials during a lunch hosted by then-Vice President Biden in January 2011.

Uncovering Corruption of the Biden Administration

These emails demonstrate that Eric Schwerin, a former business associate of Hunter’s, and Marvin Lang, the managing director of Guardian Realty in Maryland, worked together.

They aided in organizing a dinner with Deng Hongbo, the minister of the Chinese Embassy, on April 28, 2011. This was later promoted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

Hunter wrote Schwerin on January 12, 2011, stating, “Marvin wants to know where we are on finding room for the dinner. The Chinese embassy is his #1 option.”

This followed some back-and-forth communication between Hunter, Schwerin, and Lang about potential sites for the occasion.

A week later, Schwerin informed Lang via email that Hunter had lunch with the “number three official” at the Chinese Embassy. Schwerin said he might be “useful” in getting the venue for the Guardian Realty event.

Hunter was also copied on the correspondence.

Hunter in Contact With Corrupt Chinese Government

Following up after the Chinese president departed the United States, Schwerin emailed, “I just spoke to Hunter and he stated he met with the number three official at the Embassy today at lunch and has contact details.”

“The Minister won’t be able to concentrate on this until after the group has left at the end of this week, despite Hunter’s assurance that his connection will be useful. However, it seems like this is the correct contact.”

According to a communication from Schwerin to Lang, Ted Kaufman, a close friend of President Biden dating back to the 1970s, delivered the keynote address at the annual investment dinner and received $10,000 for his efforts afterward.

Lang, who has given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, thanked Hunter via email for their lunch meeting and expressed his excitement to establish a “lasting connection” with Rosemont, Hunter, and Schwerin’s now-defunct investment company.

As per their website, Guardian describes itself as a “fully integrated real estate investment company that builds, redevelops, purchases, manages, maintains, and owns a portfolio A-/B+ commercial space.”

The lunch Schwerin refers to in the email was the luncheon that then-Vice President Biden and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held for Hu Jintao, China’s president at the time.

This was in the State Department’s Benjamin Franklin Room on January 19, 2011. This information comes from emails and news articles that Fox News Digital reviewed.

One of the late-night emails Schwerin wrote to Hunter the evening before the luncheon mentioned Hunter was seated next to Ron Klain. Klain served as Vice President Biden’s chief of staff from the end of January 2011 and is now Biden’s chief of staff.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.