SHOCKING: Legal Filing Exposes FBI Involvement in January 6th

It’s a well-known narrative. Suddenly, something horrible occurs and it turns out the FBI is implicated.

Sure enough, the FBI has now admitted it played a significant role in the occurrences of January 6th, despite the years that have passed in which the left consistently dismissed the idea as a conspiracy theory.

FBI Has Some Explaining to Do

Interestingly, it is precisely because the government is attempting to hide the details of what occurred that we are learning of this. Federal prosecutors are requesting court limited defense inquiries in the Proud Boy case of Ethan Nordean.

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They, therefore, wish to use the data provided by these sources to support the conviction of a defendant, while forbidding the defense from questioning the informants or the source of their information. This is exactly in line with the federal government’s image.

Whatever the case, it is now known that FBI informants were present when the Proud Boys marched to the Capitol on January 6th, both in person and electronically. That’s significant for a number of negative reasons, none of which are positive.

How active were these sources leading up to January 6th? Were they encouraging events like the Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping? Did they promote entering the Capitol?

They would not have remained silent during planning meetings as informants because doing so would have raised red flags. Therefore, what role did they play? That dialogue ought to be taking place openly, rather than trying to persuade a judge to stop it.

The largest query, though, is a straightforward one.

If, as claimed by the prosecution, January 6th was a premeditated, seditious conspiracy and the FBI had several operatives within the Proud Boys, why then did they not attempt to prevent it?

According to publicly available information, the FBI did nothing to defuse tensions prior to January 6th. Despite having a direct relationship with the organization they believe was in charge of it, the FBI did nothing to put an end to the rioting on the day of the Capitol breach.

Why, it almost seems as though they intended for it to occur. Nope, that can’t be.

Questions Around FBI’s Involvement

Nothing about this makes good sense and it won’t make logical sense as long as the FBI and DOJ resist any efforts to make what happened transparent.

People did protest purely on their own, it’s true, but it’s a great disgrace if the government had an opportunity to calm things down, but chose to do nothing.

It’s not hard to imagine their motive behind that either, considering the ramifications of January 6, things worked out fairly well for the Democrats. It pushed their narrative and brought then-President Trump under fire.

If this is found to be true, then we cannot say we’d be surprised.