Shocking: Los Angeles Group of Cyclists Assault Man

A guy was brutally attacked by a group of cyclists in Los Angeles, as shown on camera, in an incident that the police called “shocking.”

Brutal Assault

As reported by KTLA, the assault took place on Thursday afternoon in the city’s Jewelry District.

The Los Angeles Police Department posted to Twitter during the past weekend that their Central Division has been made aware of a frightening video.

This video is depicting a confrontation involving a gang of individuals on bicycles and an individual in a pick-up vehicle. They stated no one has called the law enforcement department in regard to this event as of yet.

Those affected are urged to come forward and get in touch with Central Station.

An unnamed biker can be seen tossing a shoe at an individual who appears to be standing close to a shop at the beginning of the video. It was apparently captured by a witness who was employed in the building above the street.

Yet another rider can be seen slamming the driver-side glass of a pickup truck stopped nearby with the handlebars of his bicycle. The front windshield of the vehicle had previously been broken.

The gang then begins punching the individual on the sidewalk, which causes others to start shouting. The individual is seen attempting to defend himself as the gang surrounds and kicks him as he lies on the floor.

Afterward, the guy is seen sprinting back to the wrecked truck and climbing inside. Before he is able to drive away, two gang members approach the truck’s door and start unleashing additional blows.

Victim Remained Silent

When the video concludes, the bikers are riding across the middle of the road.

The witness who recorded the footage, known only as Gary to KTLA, said it was awful. He said when he got to the window, he saw six or seven youngsters riding bicycles and a white pickup truck positioned in front.