Social Media is Being Run By Ex-CIA Operatives

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A large number of ex-US government intelligence officers are now employed in high-level positions across Silicon Valley with the goal of suppressing so-called “misinformation.”

Many former CIA, NSC, and State Department employees now work for tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Controlling The Narrative

Concerns that the FBI was behind Twitter’s censoring and the Hunter Biden laptop tale have been alleviated by this news.

Twitter’s data show the company had a strong cooperation with the FBI, which often requested that accounts and tweets be blocked, and suspicious contact be removed before the Hunter laptop report was buried.

According to the files, in recent years, Twitter has hired so many ex-FBI agents that they had to set up their own secret Slack channel to communicate among themselves.

Article from Mint Press Alan MacLeod tracked out their LinkedIn accounts and discovered scores of Twitter workers who had previously worked for the Bureau.

Meta, the holding company of Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, has a number of ex-CIA personnel in prominent positions across all of its politically sensitive divisions.

Many former CIA operatives who found jobs at Google have also been uncovered. Nobody knows for sure if any of these ex-agents have conspired with their old employers to bury any news.

However, federal law makes it clear that the CIA may not conduct anything that could influence or disrupt American politics at the domestic level.

The List Goes On!

Personnel from the CIA are currently employed by Meta. This includes Aaron Berman, the lead policy manager for disinformation at the corporation and a former author of the president’s daily briefings.

In addition, six former intelligence operatives have lately written on Facebook about the company’s attempts to curb covert influence activities.

Former White House intelligence officer David Agranovich appears to have even discounted the Twitter Files, which have been made public in recent weeks and demonstrate a seemingly organized attempt to downplay some news.

Meanwhile, eight ex-FBI employees from the “trust” and “security” departments, plus a man who supposedly handled “psychological operations” at the National Security Council, joined Twitter.

Others, like Kristie Canegallo, Google’s former VP of trust and safety, made the transition from Big Tech to intelligence agencies. Canegallo has been promoted to DHS’s top administrative position.

In July 2019, Aaron Berman resigned from his position as senior analytic manager at the CIA to take up the position of senior policy manager for disinformation at Meta.

OXFORD, UK – JANUARY 17th 2017: Facebook logo printed onto paper. Facebook is a popular social media service founded in 2004

Previously employed as a data intelligence analyst at the CIA for ten years, Deborah Berman has now been hired by Meta as their trust and safety manager.

Prior to his appointment to Meta’s Oversight Board in March 2020, Kris Rose worked in several different capacities inside the intelligence community.

We don’t know much about Cameron Harris other than the fact he was a CIA analyst from 2015 to 2019. He is currently employed by Meta as a full-time trust and safety project manager.

Scott Stern has been with the Central Intelligence Organization (CIA) for nearly seven years, having started out with the agency as a targeting/political analyst in January 2006.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.