Socialist Spending Creating Chronic Laziness in Americans

A wave of socialist spending by the US government is creating a lazy generation, which is preferring free money over paid work.

Even though the world moved into post-pandemic times, US politicians are still pouring in big money in the name of COVID relief funds, which is discouraging people from participating in the economy.

Socialism Making Americans Lazy

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the US government distributed big money for COVID relief programs.

Reportedly, the aid did help a significant amount of Americans in countering the adverse effects of the pandemic, as people faced the burdens of business lockdowns.

However, even after the COVID-enforced lockdowns were loosened, the government did not stop offering aid to the masses, which created a source of free income for most families.

According to tech and healthcare entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, Democrats and some Republicans, including former President Trump, also supported the policy of giving aid to Americans.

Ramaswamy noted even a pro-capitalist person like Trump was inspired by the ideals of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in his COVID relief policy.

So, as every politician was busy distributing free cash to Americans, this money created a whole generation of lazy people who now prefer free lunch over earned money.

This socialist spending spree resulted in an unprecedented labor shortage in America as people started leaving their jobs en masse, resulting in the great resignation crisis.

Likewise, Ramaswamy asserted that white-collar people started working from home without caring about the completion of their jobs.

In addition to that, Ramaswamy cited a Wall Street Journal Survey, according to which America is offering more governmental benefits to its people, compared to other countries, which is creating a labor shortage crisis and hence inflation.

Americans Now Accustomed to Free Money

Even if the government starts rolling back the socialist spending now, people will still struggle to go back to their jobs since they are accustomed to getting free money.

Furthermore, Ramaswamy also highlighted online communities where people are now bragging about leaving their jobs. One such community also exists on Reddit, where people post screenshots of their resignation emails and feel proud of it.

According to Ramaswamy, these people appreciate workers who do not resign from their jobs, but do little work while still collecting their complete paychecks.

As per the entrepreneur, one person bragged about getting a salary of $80,000 per year for answering a couple of phone calls daily. Likewise, an IT expert got a paycheck of $90,000 for creating a simple coding script.

Doreen Ford, who is leading the “anti-work” Subreddit on Reddit, was recently interviewed by many media outlets. Ford claimed people are fed up with the coercive amount of labor that is imposed on them by capitalism.

Ramaswamy also stated the situation is getting worse with incentives like student loan forgiveness, where even those students who take loans consume national resources and are not willing to do any work, due to their laziness.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.