Stay Conservative or Go Broke

In the 1980s, a juggernaut of conservatism showed the world her policies were radical and bold, but most importantly, they worked. Margaret Thatcher never once apologised for her ideology because she was a politician of conviction.

Under Thatcher’s leadership, Britain led an era of prosperity, unity, and freedom. Thatcher became the longest-serving prime minister of the 20th century. She was also the first woman to hold high office in the western world.

This was not accomplished because of the pressures of feminism. Thatcher achieved this due to her determination and courage. Her conservative principles were sculpted from a close relationship with her father (a local councilman) and through reading as much appropriate literature as she could get her hands on.

Wherever she went, Thatcher’s knowledge and fearlessness stood out. It came as no surprise she earned the nickname the ‘Iron Lady’ of the western world.

Ideology Always Slides Left

Let’s get back to the question at hand. It seems after the Thatcher era, even so-called conservative politicians began shying away from openly proclaiming their values. The left seems to have this moral hold over us that makes us afraid to assert our values.

The best thing about America is its strong conservative base that keeps the Republican Party on the straight and narrow; although, in these times, this is a task becoming ever more difficult.

The problem with leftist ideology is it’s not financially possible. Just how they are proving me right with these massive social spending and infrastructure bills, the amount of money it takes to implement liberal policies cannot be backed up by the tax base that supports state income.

Politicians increasingly seem to think they can spend their way out of the COVID crisis. Although, in some cases, it might work in small, oil-rich countries with massive cash reserves, the USA is in debt…HUGE debt.

In order to get out of this, they need to borrow more. This is an issue that is coming to a head now with the debt limit days away from being reached. Borrowing money does not solve the problem; it simply creates bigger ones in the future.

The Reagan Way

Reaganomics was the way it should have been done. Under his era, the government did spend more; however, taxes were cut, allowing the population to advance itself economically.

As we on the right are aware, the individual knows how to spend their money better than the state. As companies have more cash to expand, they grow and employ more staff; thus, the workforce increases and as a consequence, tax revenue actually goes up, despite tax being less.

The left can’t figure this out. They believe increasing taxes will solve their issues and the workforce will just have to manage. Those who can’t survive are forced into social grants that cost the state even more, thus requiring greater tax increases. One can see where this death spiral of liberal economics goes.