Teacher Stirs Scandal by Racializing Students With Bizarre Woke TikTok Videos

A middle school teacher in Florida stirred a public scandal after uploading a TikTok video of a racialized student’s performance. Black kids were used as “political props,” while white kids were made to bow down to them.

‘Black History and Witchcraft’

The scandal that has now blown wide open at Orlando’s Howard Middle School is a case in which a woke 29-year-old teacher of apparently Marxist persuasion, Ethan Hooper, had his sixth-grade students perform a bizarre Black History Month skit.

The skit had white kids feed three black classmates and then bow down to them. Hooper uploaded the video on TikTok with subtitles saying that it was a “P.O.V.” from a Florida classroom and that Black History Month was “the shortest” in the year.

The public outrage erupted, however, as it became clear this was not the only bizarre, racist video produced by Ethan Hooper featuring his students in Marxist-Communist agenda-serving roles.

A video the teacher uploaded last year was ridiculing the “Stop WOKE Act,” the bill that Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis spearheaded to crack down on the brainwashing of American children with lies and delusions of far-left ideological perversions, such as critical race theory.

The bill that DeSantis and Florida Republicans adopted last year includes removing woke books from the state’s classrooms.

The older video shows Hooper as he is walking around the classroom and snatching books – such as The Hate U Give and Harry Potter, and joking that they preach black history and witchcraft, while the students are shown laughing.

‘Horribly Racist’ and ‘Pathetic’

As a result of the public scandal, the teacher has been placed on a permanent administrative suspension; his employment contract is likely to be completely terminated, The Daily Mail reported.

Parents have expressed outrage that Hooper used their 11-and-12-year-old kids as “political props.” CJ Johnson, a Howard Middle School father, said what the teacher had done was unjust to those children and parents who did not share his political beliefs.

The suspended teacher’s videos garnered nationwide attention after Libs of TikTok shared both bizarre woke clips on Twitter.

That was followed by immediate calls for stripping the man of his job, as many wondered whether such racialized skits were part of the curriculum that he was supposed to teach.

One Twitter user described what is seen in Ethan Hooper’s videos as “sad and pathetic,” but also “horribly racist.” Others were indignant that the teacher was on social media during work hours and posting the identities of his students.

Maria Vezquez, the superintendent of the Orange County Public Schools, said she was “appalled” at the teacher’s behavior and judgment.

She also said he was using the kids as political props; he wasn’t engaging in free speech, but in the political exploitation of children.

The district’s media manager, Michael Ollendorf, said Hooper could soon be terminated.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.