Ted Cruz Calls on Janet Yellen to Reveal Suspicious Activity Reports

Republicans in the House sounded an alert earlier in the week.

This happened following a visit to the Treasury Department, prompting Sen. Ted Cruz to demand Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen promptly reveal all concerning reports relating to President Joe Biden’s family.

Yellen Called Out

Cruz argued that the US Department of Treasury should make public all Suspicious Activity Reports pertaining to the Biden family. Janet Yellen is involved in the concealment if she fails to disclose the reports.

A ground-breaking consensus enabled the inspection of “suspicious activity reports” (SARs), which banks may utilize to flag potentially illegal conduct.

This was enabled for the commercial deals of the Biden family and their business partners, as House Oversight Chairman James Comer and other GOP members disclosed on Monday.

Comer stated in an announcement that the urgency of the probe was confirmed by the fact that House Committee on Oversight and Accountability constituents have access to numerous pages of financial information.

This is financial information pertaining to the Biden family, their businesses, and colleagues’ business plans.

When people in Congress read the contents of this document, they are shocked and appalled. They ask how it can be possible that there is so much money coming from the nation of China.

At the moment, Janet Yellen has the decision to make, Cruz stated. He claimed she isn’t blameless in this.

There is currently no proof that Janet Yellen was a vital component of the Biden family’s company that benefited from Communist China. However, if she fails to make these details public, she is taking part in the cover-up.

Cruz Demands Documents Are Revealed

Therefore, Secretary Yellen, make public each and every report of suspicious conduct involving the Biden family, Cruz said.

There is no national security justification for keeping them secret. There is just no reason other than joining a political cover-up.