Tensions Between Britain and France Rise!

Leaders in the UK government suspect French leader Emmanuel Macron is harming the UK by permitting thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants to traverse the English Channel.

This is reportedly happening in order for Macron to gain a political advantage ahead of the presidential races in 2022.

Is France doing this as revenge for Brexit?

On Thursday, upwards of 1,000 illegal immigrants arrived in the UK for the first time, setting a new record of 1,185 entries. Since the beginning of this year, more than 23,500 undocumented people have successfully entered the UK.

The previous Border Force Chief Tony Smith says unless an agreement with France is achieved, the UK might see 100,000 migrants arriving yearly. The routine arrivals set a new high, just days after the UK government approved the first incarnation of £54 million in taxpayers’ cash.

This was meant to help the French police their territorial waters. Meanwhile, their nation becomes a travel zone mostly for young men from Africa, as well as the Middle East, attempting to illegally cross the channel.

As per a senior source talking to The Times, British members of the government doubt millions in payments to the French will fix the problem. “Some ministers don’t believe the French would give them anything whatsoever,” a source told the paper of records, in a Monday story.

The insider later suggested Macron was exploiting the issue for domestic political advantage, as well as punishment for Britain’s exit from the EU. “With the upcoming elections, they believe this will only get worse. They believe it’s part of Macron’s post-Brexit retaliation strategy.”

“Sadly, the elections, Northern Ireland, and fisheries are all part of a much larger problem.” Another insider, the ministry in charge of immigration and security, told the paper, “they wouldn’t want to be using French taxpayers’ funds before the elections.”

France already tried to deflect blame for the problem by lambasting the United Kingdom. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin declared his nation “needs no lessons from the English” over the migration situation across the English Channel.

The French Blame British Politics

Mr. Darmanin told CNews in remarks cited by Politico Europe (before a crucial encounter with his British colleague Home Secretary Priti Patel): “The British must stop treating us as punching bags for their internal politics.”

He further claimed the bulk of assistance organizations that “block police from working” is “mainly British NGOs, with British individuals performing agitprop on French soil.”

“Traffickers who organize networks and abuse children and women are frequently based in the United Kingdom,” he continued.

Darmanin also criticized the British black labor market for attracting illegal immigrants to the UK. He warned, “the UK primarily functions, thanks to a reserve force of illegal employees who can be recruited at a minimal cost.”