Biden Snubs Harris Amid White House Tensions

Notwithstanding White House officials claiming President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are getting along swimmingly, it’s possible they aren’t.

According to a fresh allegation, Biden apparently gave Harris the cold shoulder throughout a joint presentation at a Washington, D.C. food pantry. This was their first media appearance together since accusations surfaced the two were at odds.

The Cold Shoulder

Harris adversaries pummeled Biden before CNN last week for trying to give her difficult jobs, such as having to handle the border emergency.

They also started accusing the West Wing of offering Harris less assistance than white members of the government, the New York Post noted.

Biden made no effort to illustrate any great affection for his vice president in front of the cameras. When questioned about what he was thankful for, Biden wrapped his arm over DC Regional Kitchen chef Dwain Arrington, who was positioned to the president’s left, and Harris on Biden’s right.

The president then said, “the individuals I’m walking next to are everything I’m thankful for,” according to a reporter. Biden then stood up.

As per the Washington Post, first lady Jill Biden directed Harris to a seat close to her husband. However, the president did not appear to welcome his vice president as she took her seat.

“Press corps mics picked up no comments involving Biden and Harris. Meanwhile, the president appeared to dismiss the vice president and continue his talk with Arrington as he put turkeys on platters,” the Post reported.

The other week, two CNN journalists published an article titled, “Exasperation and Dysfunction: Behind Kamala Harris’ Disappointing Start as VP.” They cited dozens of personnel in Harris’ office, as well as the White House, which claims the two are at odds.

The Truth Always Comes Out

However, several people, speaking on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss the matter more openly, all tell essentially the same tale.

Harris’ staff has regularly misled her and embarrassed her. Likewise, family members frequently had an unofficial say inside her workplace.

Harris’ overly cautious inclinations and staff difficulties have been a staple of every job she’s held, from San Francisco prosecutor to being in the U.S. Senate,” the journalists wrote.

Harris’ approval numbers have dropped to 28% in a recent poll, and she is allegedly unhappy as vice president. The White House rapidly regrouped, using Twitter to release the government’s official spin on the situation.

The White House’s eager attempts to dispel reports of animosity between Biden and Harris speaks volumes. Likewise, the tensions between the president and vice president are becoming increasingly harder to hide.

It’s clear that all is not as well as the White House is letting on. Who knows what else is happening?