Texan Man Kills Suspected Car Thief, Isn’t Charged

When his vehicle was taken and an altercation with the alleged thief resulted in a fatal shooting on March 29th, a San Antonio gentleman is not anticipated to be charged with murder, according to authorities.

Man Escapes Charges So Far

According to authorities, the man’s car was taken on Wednesday afternoon outside his Northside residence. Though, he was successful in finding his vehicle on the Southeast Side in the 3200 block of Southeast Military Road by utilizing an Apple AirTag.

The man reported his automobile as missing by calling the police, according to SAPD spokesman Nick Soliz, but did not patiently wait for officers to show up. Instead, he attempted to confront the alleged car burglar at around 4 p.m.

According to investigators, the man recognized his vehicle in the car park, approached the stolen truck to challenge the driver, and a dispute followed.

Soliz claimed he was unable to establish whether the guy and the alleged burglar got into a fight; however, the stolen car victim told officers he thought the alleged burglar grabbed a weapon, which started a gunfight.

Police stated they were not able to not verify whether there were many weapons seized at the crime site and they currently believe the vehicle theft victim is the only individual to have begun shooting.

Another individual who was the alleged thief was wounded and later declared dead, according to Soliz. His identity is still a secret.

According to reports, the auto theft victim remained at the shooting location, cooperated with authorities, and was then placed under arrest to be questioned. Soliz stated although charges against the gunman are not anticipated, an inquiry remains underway.

Don’t Obstruct Justice

In a media briefing, Soliz stated members of the public should wait for the police to accompany them, rather than take matters into their own hands.