Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, is on Fire!

"Greg Abbott" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

First, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, defied the Biden administration by opening up the state and saving small businesses. Now, Abbott is making moves to end big tech censorship in Texas.

“I am joining [state Sen. Bryan Hughes] to announce a bill prohibiting social media companies from censoring viewpoints,” Abbott said via Twitter. 

“Too many social media sites silence conservative speech and ideas and trample free speech,” he asserted. “It’s un-American, Un-Texan, & soon to be illegal.” The Daily Wire reported.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been working on a plan to end big tech in Florida also.
He told fox news:

“I think we’re going to do three different things.” “One is protect Floridian’s data privacy from big tech, which is a huge issue, as you said, protect big tech from interfering in an election. And that may mean you display you deplatform, a candidate you don’t like–two guesses as to which type of candidate big tech wouldn’t like–but it also means doing the algorithms in a way that will suppress stories, or accelerate them to benefit a candidate, that’s effectively an in kind contribution.”

“Ron DeSantis” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

“And then the general protections for deplatforming users and what we’re allowing people to do is bring civil suits under the Florida deceptive and unfair trade practices statute and anti-fraud statute and also allowing the state attorney general to do that as well, if big tech is not applying their terms of service in a in a coherent and principled way, which they almost never do,” the governor added. “So we think that this is something that Floridians want protection from, and I think it’ll end up being a really good first step. I mean, there’s always been the question, what do you do about this, I think a lot of us have thought there was something wrong for a long time. But to just sit back and hope it gets better, that clearly wasn’t going to work. So we’re leading, and I think it’ll be good.” Daily Wire reported.

This wave of rebellion from conservative states has been sparked by drastically leftist policies coming out of the Biden White House, and authoritarian behavior coming from the big tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook and others like youtube, and Linkedin. Even Cokecola joined in the Woke mob and ran courses for its staff to be “less white”. what ever that means.