Texas National Guard Deploying to the Border

Two tiny children were discovered along the Rio Grande by border police officials in the Del Rio Zone.

This is a Humanitarian Crisis

On Sunday, Del Rio Sector border agents came upon two tiny toddlers abandoned by human traffickers near the Rio Grande’s shore. Officials from Del Rio shared a photo of the five-year-old child, as well as his seven-year-old sibling, on Twitter.

Border agent authorities inquired about the location of the victims’ families. The kids informed the agents their mother was still in Honduras.

With 45,234 immigrants apprehended in October, the Rio Grande Valley remains the worst zone. The Biden administration has yet to offer any support to officers operating in this area.

This lack of interest by the Biden administration is causing a crisis that is quickly becoming uncontrollable.

Del Rio officers arrested almost 28,000 immigrants during the first month of the new fiscal year in October.

As per the October South Land Border Encounters report (provided by US Customs and Border Patrol officers after hours, prior to the week), the Del Rio area is the second busiest of the nine southern border districts.

Del Rio Sector authorities captured around 1,500 migrants between Friday and Monday. Many of the big crowds are now entering at night, according to officials.

Officials claim this strategy makes it easier for immigrants to be washed away by the Rio Grande’s fast currents.

Texas National Guard is Deploying

Soldiers from the Texas Army National Guard practiced airborne deployments along the Rio Grande’s US side on Wednesday.

The soldiers arrived by heavy-lift helicopters and were deployed to a recently built, temporary border wall made with recycled shipping crates. Exercise Lone Star is the reason for the drills.

Soldiers were spotted departing from three CH-47 helicopters and making their way toward the boundary behind the temporary barrier. Also flying overhead were Black Hawk aircraft.

When assisting ground forces, the Black Hawks are intended to provide fire suppression.

The riot gear-clad soldiers established line and wedge configurations and maneuvered carefully behind the barricades, with Mexico as a backdrop.

Troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety can be seen manning the border fence with squad cars.

The Army put up razor wire all along the river’s bank to keep immigrants out of the downtown area, which is a common crossing place.

The exercises are being held in preparation for the formation of immigrant groups in Mexico. Officer Chris Olivarez, a representative for the Texas security agency, told Breitbart Texas his agency is tracking the movement of one such caravan.

Since March, upwards of 1,000 highway patrol officers and National Guard members have been deployed as part of Operation Lone Star.

More than 2,500 men from the Texas Army National Guard are involved in the mission. The most recent deployments add to that sum.