Texas Sent Illegal Immigrants to Kamala Harris’ Doorstep

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent two different buses of illegal migrants outside the official residence of Vice President Kamala Harris at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

Recently, Harris asserted the US southern border is secure. This prompted Abbott to send illegal immigrants right to her doorstep. However, Harris refused to comment about Abbott’s attempt to send migrants to her residence.

Illegal Immigrants Arrived at Harris’ Residence

Eagle Pass is a border neighboring city in Texas where surging illegal immigration is worrying both local residents and the city’s administration.

On Thursday, more than 100 illegal immigrants were moved to two buses in Eagle Pass and sent to Harris’ official residence.

As Harris was speaking at a White House event on Thursday, a reporter inquired about her comments on Abbott’s attempt to send aliens to her residence. Responding to this, Harris stared at the reporter and walked away without answering the question.

After sending the buses, Abbott tweeted his administration was sending illegal immigrants to Harris’ doorstep so the Biden administration may realize the border is not secure at all.

While Texas and Arizona governments started transporting illegal immigrants to blue cities to draw the attention of the White House toward the pressing issue of open borders, more states have started following this trend.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also sent two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts on Wednesday night.

According to a Washington-based migrants watchdog, SAMU First Response, nearly all the illegal immigrants at Harris’ residence were dispersed when the group tried to approach them.

Usually, SAMU First Response contacts the migrants right when they are dropped off in Washington D.C, but this time, the group claimed they were not alerted about the change of drop-off location of migrants.

Migrant Watchdogs to Stop Incoming Buses from Texas

Almost 80% of newly dropped migrants belonged to Venezuela, while the rest of them were from Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Guyana, and Nicaragua. As the Naval Observatory is located in a densely populated area, most of the migrants moved to a nearby church for shelter.

Tatiana Laborde, the managing director of SAMU First response, noted a significant number of newly arrived immigrants are planning to move to other places like Chicago and New York. So, most of them will take a bus and go to those cities within a day.

Laborde added the group welcomes migrants in Washington, but a lack of communication is making the situation difficult.

Domingo Garcia, the president of a Hispanic group League of United Latin American Citizens, stated human beings were thrown like garbage in front of Harris’ house, an extremely un-Christian, un-American thing that should be discouraged at any cost.

Now, Garcia claimed his group is going to Del Rio and Eagle Pass to stop the buses by placing people in front of the vehicles. As immigrants also have legal rights, they should not be used as political pawns, Garcia added.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.