The Biden Administration’s Tactic to Avoid Milley’s Treason

The head of the Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley allegedly informed his Chinese equal that if then-President Trump authorized an assault on China, Milley would supply a preceding warning. This is according to accusations in a new Bob Woodward and Robert Costa book.

According to Kirby at a press conference at the Pentagon yesterday: I’m not going to be speaking to unsubstantiated allegations from a book we have not yet glanced at or studied yet, and particularly not to a discussion that occurred before the current administration entered office.

They Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny

It isn’t that they’re completely disputing these claims; it’s just that they are simply refusing to comment on individual tales in the aforementioned publication. The Biden administration claims they are not in a place to do so.

Kirby also announced on Wednesday that he doesn’t believe it would be useful for him to comment on the reality of these incidents in any way. What he did inform the media is that Milley has direct channel connections with his equivalents in those other countries on a regular basis.

It is more than clear that the Biden administration has a vested interest in keeping a tight lid on this matter. They don’t want to be truly transparent or forthcoming with the public about the Milley allegations for a series of reasons.

Ultimately, however, this does not reflect well on the current leadership in the White House. Milley’s goose is cooked and Republicans are now demanding that Biden act responsibly and fire Milley accordingly.


The Treason is Clear

“General Li, yourself and I have now known one another for five years,” Milley told his Chinese opponent on October 30, 2020. This happened merely days before the 2020 election, according to Woodward and Costa in their memoir, which will be published next week.

Milley then stated he would call the Chinese general any time if the United States was ever about to attack. Milley vowed that an attack won’t come as a surprise to the Chinese.

Meanwhile, when addressing the U.S. public at the Pentagon yesterday, Kirby left many questions unanswered, much to the chagrin of the American people. This is not going away and Milley is facing a mounting amount of backlash for going behind former President Trump’s back in this manner.

Milley’s spokesperson did not reject the allegations in a statement published previously in the day. This, in and of itself, tells it all. According to the announcement, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff communicates routinely with military chiefs throughout the world, particularly in China and Russia.

These discussions are still necessary for increasing common understanding of US strategic interests, lowering stress, providing clarity, and avoiding unexpected effects or confrontation.