Biden Spending Billions to Avoid Building the Border Wall

As per a recent Senate GOP analysis, President Joe Biden’s efforts to halt or halt border wall development are costing the taxpayers $3 million each day (for an overall price of a minimum of $1.8 billion).

The day he was inaugurated, Biden instructed his government to pause work and reconsider whether it should continue; the suspension was meant to last 60 days. After more than 180 days, no word on the review’s findings, or whether the building would continue, has been offered.

As the delay persists, lawmakers have found that the halt cost $6 million per day at first; although, the price was eventually cut to $3 million per day after subcontractors for the Department of Defense laid off workers.

They used documents seized from the Congressional Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committees, as well as Pentagon estimations submitted in court filings.

How long can the government afford so much money per day?

Companies are being paid at least $3 million per day by the Biden administration to safeguard metal, cement, and other things in the wilderness. During the same financial year, the US Border patrol encountered almost 1.1 million immigrants all along the Southern border, a 20-year high.

The lawmakers said in the released recently preliminary report, this policy choice raises substantial questions about the Biden administration’s migration strategy and necessitates both federal oversight and legislation.

When Biden came into office and changed major Trump-era policy on immigration, including such border wall building, the number of immigrants entering over the Mexican border surged.

GOP Senator James Lankford is the minority leader of the Senate National Security; he said during a declaration that having to pay construction companies to protect metal bars that President Biden fails to install is completely ludicrous. 

He added that to defiantly refuse spending more money allocated for the barrier is not the same as ‘enforcing’ the law. It’s breaking the law and disregarding the very real risk that unlawful entrance over our porous southern border poses.

A request seeking comment from the White House was not promptly responded to

Lawmakers who authored the report believe that the government paid the builders around $618 and $708 million from January 20 and July 15; they also believe that the government will spend up to $1.2 billion more to complete the border wall constructions.

Border wall construction was a top priority for President Donald Trump’s administration; it built 453 miles of barrier along the US-Mexico frontier. As of Jan. 8, even before Biden took office, around 211 miles of the barrier were under development.

Trump set aside $16.4 billion for border wall installation and renovation, with the Pentagon contributing $10 billion. Throughout this year, some of the sponsored projects were abandoned. This month, a number of others were postponed, while some are still being looked into.