The BLM Hype Train Presses On in Chicago

"Black Lives Matter" by Chad Davis

BLM has infested every pore of modern media ever since George Floyd was killed by a police officer in 2020; this prompted a series of riots and looting across the US, all of it fully Democrat-approved.

Ever since then, the talk surrounding the semi-terrorist organization died down somewhat, but the seeds they’ve sown continue to sprout.

Sometimes, it’s through critical race theory being taught in our schools or the constant pushing of the idea that this beautiful country was founded on white supremacy.

“Black Lives Matter” by John Lucia

Rioting and looting are now “woke”

Chicago’s Public Schools are the latest adopters of the BLM agenda. It’s been revealed that they’ve been promoting video content supporting and encouraging the behavior exhibited by the 2020 BLM rioters and looters.

The video was originally posted to Chicago Public Schools Office’s website on their “tools” section on June 24th. It came with the title “How Can We Win,” whereas the original was posted to YouTube less than a month prior.

The video in question describes the looting as “civil unrest” that spread across the country like wildfire as a response to the “brutal killing” of George Floyd, despite the well-known fact that Floyd was a violent criminal who once held a pregnant woman at gunpoint.

Further down the line, the video shows support for the rioters who attended the 2020 BLM protests, expressing sympathy for them and their families.

What’s the difference between protesters and looters?

Even though the video opens with Jones quoting interviews with “wealthy black people,” where they said they shouldn’t be tearing up their own communities, she believes supporting rioting and looting is still the right thing to do.

According to her, at protests like the June 2020 BLM ones, there’s a clear distinction between the rioters, the protesters, and the looters. However, video evidence from the scene shows the criminals among them greatly outnumber those “fighting for a cause.”

What’s more, she tries to sweep the looting under the rug when she’s pressed on the matter, claiming we should focus on what it’s accomplished, rather than what was lost due to it.

It’s sad that public schools in the US are taking a political stance on a largely divisive matter like this one; even more so considering the left that’s promoting equality is the very force driving division between black and white communities.

Many have previously argued BLM is nothing more than a puppet organization for the political left in the US to funnel its agendas into the mainstream. With developments like this one, it’s becoming much easier to believe that.

Inciting violence and crime is the last thing our schools need. If that wasn’t enough, the trans community also wants in, with their “inclusivity” and gender identity programs being shoved into elementary schools across the US.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.