The Canadian Truckers Have Opened a Fresh Convoy

People gather to support truck drivers on their way to Ottawa in protest of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine mandates for cross-border truck drivers, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, January 27, 2022. REUTERS/Carlos Osorio

In Ottawa, Canada’s capital, a fresh convoy of trucks has gathered in favor of the “Freedom Convoy,” which is now opposing Canada’s vaccination requirements.

The Border is Closed!

The roadblock began on Saturday when cars gathered on Highway 4 in Coutts, Alberta, near the Canadian-American border.

According to the West Standard, an Alberta-based media site, the demonstration shut down movement on both sides of the Coutts crossing point.

“Along either side of the boundary, nothing is moving. They’ve also obstructed the flanks in both ways. “You can’t get by anymore,” James Finkbeiner, a journalist, said.

As per Global News Canada, the Canadian Mounted Police released a traffic warning soon afterward. According to Coutts Mayor Jim Willett, the demonstration had been calm as of Saturday.

The demonstrations appeared to be intensifying on Sunday. On Sunday morning, the Royal Canadian Mounted Officers issued a statement on Facebook, calling the protest illegal.

“At the Coutts crossing point, the Alberta RCMP continues to intervene to keep the peace and ensure public safety.”

“In the interests of reaching a negotiated settlement, significant efforts have been made to communicate with all parties. We’re working with truckers who are trying to withdraw from this incident to see if they can do so; however, traffic is now stalled.”

The statement declared, “The Alberta RCMP will only utilize the level of intervention essential to preserve the security of all Canadians and to maintain the peace, order, and protection.”

“Our goal is to make legitimate and peaceful protest more accessible. When an incident becomes illegal, we use a step-by-step strategy that culminates in enforcement. We are requesting everyone who is involved in this event to leave the area because it is illegal.”

“Freedom of Speech”

“To defend the fundamental liberties of freedom of assembly and speech, to ensure the safety of all people, to enforce the laws, and to preserve peace, the Alberta RCMP employs required means.”

“In turn, while everybody has the right to peaceful freedom of expression, the public at large, local inhabitants, and enterprises have the right to a protected manner and the ability to travel.”

Jason Kenney, the governor of Alberta, released a declaration late Sunday, criticizing the demonstration as illegal.

“The Coutts border crossing barricade is a violation of the Alberta Highway Safety Act,” Kenney stated on Twitter. “It is creating great difficulty to authorized motorists and may obstruct emergency service trucks in a dangerous manner. This blockage must come to an end.”

The demonstration lasted over the break and is still going on today. Kian Simone, a Rebel News cameraman, captured the trucks assembling at the border.

Following the statement by police, Simone commented that motorists freed up a traffic lane for residents and detached truckers to travel around the blockade location.