The Chinese Communist Party is Attempting to Influence the Democrat Party

National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) Director William Evanina told the Aspen Institute think tank that the chines government has launched an influence campaign targeting the Biden campaign

“I think the last few months, parallel to the elections, we’ve been dealing really heavy on the COVID-19 front and China’s efforts to thwart that, not only in the vaccine but also in the promulgation of a supply chain and the movement of a vaccine all the way to inoculation,” Evanina said.

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“But we’ve also seen an uptick, which was planned and we predicted, that China would now revector their influence campaigns to the new administration. And when I say that, you know that malign foreign influence, that diplomatic influence plus or on steroids, we’re starting to see that now play across the country to not only the folks that are in the new administration but those who are around those folks in the new administration. So, that’s one area we’re going to be very keen on making sure the new administration understands that influence, what it looks like, what it tastes like, what it feels like when you see it.”

“In August, Evanina released a statement highlighting the three greatest threats to the 2020 elections, which included China, who, according to U.S. intelligence, did not want President Donald Trump to win re-election.” Daily Wire reported

The statement said regarding China:

We assess that China prefers that President Trump – whom Beijing sees as unpredictable – does not win reelection. China has been expanding its influence efforts ahead of November 2020 to shape the policy environment in the United States, pressure political figures it views as opposed to China’s interests, and deflect and counter-criticism of China. Although China will continue to weigh the risks and benefits of aggressive action, its public rhetoric over the past few months has grown increasingly critical of the current Administration’s COVID-19 response, closure of China’s Houston Consulate, and actions on other issues. For example, it has harshly criticized the Administration’s statements and actions on Hong Kong, TikTok, the legal status of the South China Sea, and China’s efforts to dominate the 5G market. Beijing recognizes that all of these efforts might affect the presidential race.

Chinese Spy Got Close To Democrat Eric Swalwell – FBI intervened

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The alleged spy, Chinese national Christine Fang, “targeted up-and-coming local politicians in the Bay Area and across the country who had the potential to make it big on the national stage” through “campaign fundraising, extensive networking, personal charisma, and romantic or sexual relationships,” Axios reported. “Even though U.S. officials do not believe Fang received or passed on classified information, the case ‘was a big deal, because there were some really, really sensitive people that were caught up’ in the intelligence network, a current senior U.S. intelligence official said.”

“Fang, who was put under FBI surveillance, appears to have only targeted Democrat politicians as no Republicans were identified in Axios’ report. As the FBI’s probe continued, Fang unexpectedly packed up and left the country, returning to China. Officials say that her Chinese handlers called off her spying and brought her back to China.” Daily Wire Reported.