The Crack Party is Over For Hunter Biden

It’s not very often that a congressional minority orders an investigation months before a potential takeover.

Hunter Biden, on the other hand, isn’t your typical oversight victim.

They Are Coming For Him

Top House Republicans have promised to investigate the president’s child’s abroad business ties if they win the majority next year, as anticipated.

This will wage a battle with the Justice Department, as well as Democratic legislators, over some of the same issues that defined the Trump government’s tumultuous relationship with Congress.

The DOJ is already looking into the young Biden’s ties to a Chinese energy supplier. A special prosecutor is hearing testimony early this year as part of an inquiry into his tax affairs and alleged violations of international lobbying regulations.

Republicans, on the other hand, aren’t letting a federal investigation prevent them from pursuing more serious claims against Hunter Biden.

The eagerness of the House GOP to perform real scrutiny without descending into a rabbit hole of politically motivated claims with a dubious provenance will be put to the test next year.

In ex-president Donald Trump’s first trial, for example, Russian disinformation about Hunter Biden’s financial activities surfaced.

While there is widespread agreement on Capitol Hill that Hunter Biden’s financial movements should be investigated further, the House GOP has all but revealed that the party’s 2020 election campaign efforts will be redone.

It also has the support of the chamber’s top conservative.

The Truth Will Come Out at Some Point

In a short interview on Tuesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “I know the grand jury is looking right now.”

“I believe there’s a real need to know what was always stated, what other nations are paying him in the process. I believe it is something we should investigate.”

Comer said he hoped the DOJ does not charge Hunter Biden before the Republicans take power.

If they do charge him beforehand, it would provide him with a justification to disobey a federal investigation, resulting in a high-profile legal battle with the DOJ.

In a hearing on electric vehicles on Tuesday, Republicans in the House and on the investigative panel previewed their campaign by requesting a subpoena for the president’s son.

In recent years, Republican lawmakers have indulged in a slew of shaky accusations about Hunter Biden’s involvement with foreign corporations, which critics say were more aimed to smear his father politically than to address genuine potential conflicts.

Recent revelations about financial information found on a computer that Hunter left with a Delaware repair company have reignited Republicans’ desire to find smoking-gun proof.

Nevertheless, no evidence has been presented to show or recommend that Hunter Biden’s business dealings have influenced his father’s decision-making as the head of state.