The Danger the Left Poses to Our Way of Life

If Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal was a vindication of our legal system, the response to the not guilty judgment in his case reveals an ongoing, fundamental danger to the legal system.

The Facts Don’t Matter

The liberal clergy — and their media allies — were unconcerned about the facts or the law. They showed this by making readily debunked and misleading comments regarding the trial from start to finish.

The only thing that mattered to them was a result that matched their ideological beliefs. Indeed, most of the left-wing commentariat dismisses critical race theory as an arcane, scholarly idea taught exclusively in law schools.

However, leftists have obviously absorbed CRT’s claim that even ostensibly race-neutral proceedings with ostensibly race-neutral conclusions are white supremacist instruments.

This belief saturated cable media exposure of the judgments and statements made by top-level, leftist-chosen leaders from Kamala Harris down to Gavin Newsom. This is now indicating how a once-peripheral viewpoint has become entrenched at the core of the center-left.

The overturning of old Anglo-American legal standards in favor of a political, kangaroo justice system would be the ultimate conclusion of the concern with race. Likewise, the associated scorn for the safeguards provided to defendants is now regarded as pushback against white supremacy.

Because the Rittenhouse case included a white person firing on other white males, it didn’t seem like the right place to bring up racial issues. Would the head of the NAACP, for example, be bothered by Kyle Rittenhouse’s altercation with Joseph Rosenbaum, a Caucasian, 36-year-old, mentally-disabled man who has served jail time?

Neither one is a cop, nor is he black; neither one is a state weapon, nor is he a victim of prejudice or persecution.

They Made This All About Race

Despite this, the left viewed the issue from a racial perspective. “White tears” were Rittenhouse’s tears. He was indeed the type of “vigilante” who used to hunt down unarmed African Americans.

As a video shared by Joe Biden indicated, Rittenhouse was apparently a white nationalist.

Because of the ethnic focus, even after extensive coverage of the trial, several progressive observers believed Rittenhouse shot three African Americans after the judge’s ruling.

According to the left, Kyle Rittenhouse is essentially a racist because he was out that night in Kenosha to defend private land from being trashed and burned down. Therefore, his attackers are black by proxy because they were demonstrating ostensibly under the banner of Black Lives Matter.

This dynamic, according to Nikole Hannah-Jones, was established 400 years ago:

Really? Is it a history of slavery that one white guy can’t pursue a fellow white person and threateningly lurch onto him in the middle of civil upheaval without sparking a self-defense assertion?

Would we allow white people to fight each other with freedom if enslavement had never been in America? What conceivable sense can this possibly make?