The Democrat Party is Splitting Up

Sen. Chuck Schumer tore Biden to shreds. Representatives of the U.S. House of Representatives, Hispanic Caucus, Asian Pacific American Congress, and Progressive Caucus supported the bill.

The same as well applies to 17 Democrat state attorneys and a slew of other advocacy organizations from across the country.

Biden’s Treatment of Refugees has Outraged Democrats

The indignation leveled at President Biden’s treatment of Caribbean migrants at the US-Mexico border last week was both ferocious and uncommon. The harsh criticism disclosed the rising political cost of Biden’s pledge of a fair and equitable immigration process.

It also centered around Biden’s utilization of a Trump-era healthcare order to deport immigrants. This created a rift in the Democrat consortium that endangers the party’s confidence and unification ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

“This government’s continuous employment of Title 42 is an obvious failure,” said Julián Castro, a Democrat candidate for president and Obama administration housing secretary. “Its continued usage would not only harm people looking for a better life, but it also puts the Democrat alliance that installed Joe Biden at risk of collapsing.”

Biden has maintained to use Title 42, a border procedure instituted by Trump early in the crisis to quickly deport migrants. These deportations happen without allowing migrants to claim asylum.

Democrats, immigrant groups, and public health professionals have all condemned it, claiming that its usage is illegal, harsh, and unjustified. However, there is the massive attention on Haitian immigrants in recent times.

News cycles driven by distressing images from the frontier caused Biden to come under fire from all corners of the party, including those from organizations and leaders who don’t often comment on migration problems.

Biden Likes to Use Trump’s Policies When It Suits Him

In a statement last week, Derrick Johnson, head of the NAACP, summed up the viewpoint of many institutions: “If we closed our eyes and this was happening under the Trump presidency, what will we do?”

It wasn’t just about one component of Biden’s statement that enraged many. The dismal circumstances at the improvised camp near Del Rio, Texas sparked criticism. Images of border agents on horses abusing migrants have sparked outrage.

Thousands of refugees were sent back to Haiti, which is still recovering from the murder of its president, a recent major hurricane, and a 7.2-magnitude quake. Biden took some blame on Friday, threatening repercussions for rogue Border Patrol personnel.

The temporary camp where thousands of refugees were living under an international crossing has been wiped out, according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Border Patrol personnel on horseback had been briefly stopped in Del Rio the day before.

However, Biden administration officials have publicly defended the use of Title 42. Mayorkas repeatedly stated at a White House press conference on Friday that Title 42 is a “public health priority,” rather than a strategy focused on limiting migration.

Mayorkas further said that despite the political turmoil and devastation, US officials felt Haiti was in a condition to receive failed asylum seekers.