Democrats will Lose the Midterms Big Time

President Biden and his Democrat Party face some terrible news in the 2022 midterm elections, according to Politico. A clear majority in the recent Morning Consult/Politico survey would not thank Biden for their monthly $300-per-child national government payments.

They Get Credit for Nothing

Liberals who hoped the $300-per-child monthly payments would be a midterm election winner will be disappointed by the results of the latest survey with Morning Consult.

Nearly half of those polled (47%) gave House Democrats credit for the increased funds and even fewer (38%) awarded President Biden credit.

While 50% of eligible voters approve the increased payments (vs. 38% who oppose them), only 35% need them to be permanent, which is a notion Democrats in Congress are considering right now. The payments will run out next year.

It’s no surprise the Democrat Party intended for the payments to inspire electoral support. “Democrat officials want voters in crucial states to know whose group is actually for the payments Americans with small children will begin getting on Thursday,” Bloomberg published in July.

A digitally enabled ad campaign aimed at critical Senate and House election races pushed President Biden and congressional Democrats’ extended monthly tax credits as a middle-class tax cut.”

“We’re making sure citizens know this distinction is clear,” Democrat National Chair Jaime Harrison said. “Democrats are providing for you while conservatives continue playing games and hindering initiatives to better the lives of working people.”

GOP Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida retaliated

Some American families with no working professionals may receive almost $6,000 in payments from the federal government during the next six months.

The giveaway, according to President Biden, is part of his government’s “pro-family” strategy. In truth, he has turned the pro-worker, family, and child tax credit into a welfare check for people who don’t want to work.

People have recently witnessed the devastation that results when the government pays people not to work. These new payouts will resurrect old issues, while also creating entirely new ones.

Not only does Biden’s plan eliminate marital incentives and employment requirements, but it also undermines the current child support legal system.

It does this by delivering cash payments to single-parent families without checking that child-support obligations are in place.

Rubio issued a warning in June: the child tax credit (which middle-class families claim each year at tax time to keep more of their tirelessly earned money) will be converted into an anti-work welfare payment for the next six months.

Families will receive $300 per child under the age of six and $250 for every child aged seven to seventeen on a monthly basis.

Some homes of no people with jobs will get more than $10,000 in these payouts by the next tax season. There is no need to work.

Free income (on top of America’s already robust safety net) is all part of Biden’s history of irresponsible spending on a progressive policy wish list.