The End of An Era – US Forces Leave Biggest Coalition Base in Afghanistan

The US Armed Forces have departed Bagram Airport, the hub of all its campaigns to expel the Insurgents and chase down the al-Qaida culprits of the 9/11 attacks on New York.

They have been there for 20 years.

The Department of Defense said the airport was turned over in its full capacity to the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces; they were asked to remain anonymous since they were not allowed to share the information with the public on the matter.

Americans Left Without Letting the Afghan Government Know

Darwaish Raufi, the regional director for Bagram, said that the Americans left overnight before consulting government authorities; as a consequence, scores of Afghan looters broke through the unsecured walls early Friday before security forces restored authority.

Several were apprehended, and some were imprisoned; while the others were removed from the facility, according to Raufi. He then added that the thieves plundered many buildings without first being apprehended and before the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces took charge.

Sadly, the US troops left without consulting Bagram district officials or the governor’s office, according to Raufi. He added that Afghan troops are currently in command within and outside the facility.

Fawad Aman, the security leader’s deputy spokesperson, said nothing about the looting. He only mentioned the facility has indeed been given over; the ANDSF will guard it and utilize it to battle terrorists.

This departure from Bagram Base is the surest indication that the last of 2,500-3,500 American forces in Afghanistan have departed or are about to leave; this comes months in advance of President Joe Biden’s vow that they’d be out by September 11.

Shortly when the US announced in mid-April it was finishing its never-ending war, it became evident that the withdrawal of US troops and their 7,000 Allied nations would’ve been closer to July 4, when America commemorates Independence Day.

NATO Forces Have Already Left

So far the main force of NATO troops have left under the radar.

The Associated Press studied statements from many differnt nations and found that the majority of Europe’s troops have now withdrawn with very little fanfare; this comes in striking comparison to the spectacular and public display of force and solidarity when NATO allies queued up to support the US attack in 2001.

The United States has declined to announce whenever the final American soldier will depart Afghanistan, due to security reasons, but the safety of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport Terminal is being discussed. The airfield is now guarded by Turkish and American forces. That security is currently provided by the Resolute Support Deployment, a combat operation that is being phased out.

The Resolute Support deployment would seemingly have to remain until a new deal for the airport’s security is signed between Turkey; this would also include the Afghan leadership and perhaps the US, in order to offer foreign soldiers the legal authority to protect the airport.