The FBI is Lying To Boost Biden’s Ultra MAGA Extremist Narrative

The FBI used to be a serious institution. Let’s be clear; they’re still dead serious in terms of the amount of power they hold.

The problem is not that the FBI is weak. No, the problem is the FBI has become so politicized towards the Democrat Party that they’re literally faking statistics to support Biden’s anti-MAGA rhetoric.

Listen, we all get it: Biden hates the Trump movement, hates the “ultra MAGA” monsters under the bed, and hates the Don’t Tread On Me flags he sees in his nightmares.

That does not give his administration the right to prop up a lying FBI as it exaggerates the threat of right-wing extremism in order to feed Biden’s agenda.

What Happened?

Senate Judiciary Chief Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa expressed a lot of concerns about the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the way they are going after Biden’s enemies, yet ignoring his friends (and his son, Hunter).

I mean, they are the DOJ.

Grassley is dead on here that they should not be politicized. The DOJ shouldn’t be an attack dog for the liberal media or establishment insiders who want to go on witch hunts regarding J6 and the Trump administration.

We’re in a new administration with plenty of its own problems; it’s time to close that chapter.

Grassley has raised some very crucial issues. He’s found out that entire and important investigations may have been closed, due to Washington’s top officer Timothy Thibault.

The FBI being politicized to let Biden’s friends off the hook and go after Trump people for political reasons is Soviet-level stuff that does not belong in America.

This should shock and outrage everyone regardless of whether they are conservative, liberal, anarchist, or anything!

There is also evidence the FBI is intentionally exaggerating the amount of pro-Trump extremist incidents in order to justify Biden’s focus on that. This is not good!

Why is This Happening?

We’ve all seen these storm clouds rolling in for several years now. The political persecution of the Trump movement already began in 2015 during the primaries with all sorts of outlandish and extreme claims about anyone who supported him.

Since January 6, that narrative has been massively reinforced as well.

Biden and people like his Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas have said that white supremacists and right-wingers are the main threat facing America.

Kamala Harris has compared January 6 to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

Do you think any of this is random or a mistake? Of course not. This is deliberate political messaging to cast anyone who is a populist conservative as an evil traitor who doesn’t deserve rights.

The end goal is terrifying to contemplate, but yes, it could involve extrajudicial arrests, bank account seizures, and more.

It is hard to over-exaggerate how scary things are getting at this point.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.